3 of the Best Japanese Drama of All Time.

Rich Man 2

I’ve been talking a lot about drama from this season on this blog lately but I realised today that I haven’t been talking about drama from the past very much so today I’ve decided to introduce 3 of what I believe to be the best drama of all time today. This post is mostly geared towards people who have just started getting into Japanese dramas this season, haven’t really delved back into drama archives yet and are looking for some recommendations about what to watch.

Number 3: Hana Yori Dango(花より男子).

Hana Yori Dango

Okay so let’s kick things off with a classic, Hana Yori Dango or “Boys over Flowers”. There’s a Korean and Japanese version of this and I’ve watched both but trust me the Japanese version is easily 20 times better than the Korea one. It’s a drama about an academy that only super-rich kids go to. The heroine of the series, Tsukushi Makino, attends the academy but is a bit different than most of the student body because her family is poor. They squeeze money from wherever they can to send her there. There is also quite a bad bullying problem at the academy, with the 4 richest students(called Flower 4, and nicknamed “F4″) at the top ordering all the other students around. Tsukushi had stayed pretty quiet up until one day where she openly makes a front against F4’s bullying. As a result she gets ‘red-carded” by the group and becomes a target of bullying herself. This drama follows her relationship with F4 and the surprising twists and turns of it – mostly the romances that develop from it. The cast features Shun Oguri, Jun Matsumoto and Mao Inoue in the lead roles. Like I said it’s a classic, so definitely give it a go.

Number 2: Elite Yankee Saburo(エリートヤンキー三郎).

Elite Yankee SaburoI would maybe barely call this a drama. The acting is awful, the storyline lacks depth and it occasionally has scenes with half-naked girls in it, but its HILARIOUS. It’s about a not-so-normal High School student named Saburo(played by Hideo Ishiguro). He’s always dreamed of enjoying the features of a normal high-school life: girls, friends and most of all peace. The unfortunate thing is that his two older brothers are both renowned for being massive Yankee(troublemakers). Saburo is sent to the same school as his older brothers’ which is an all-male school so a third of his dream is already in tatters right from the start. But he can still make friends and have peace at school, right? No, not at all. As a result of his two brothers’ bad reputation Saburo is labelled as a Yankee too and rather than wanting to be his friend, his classmates want to join his “gang” or challenge him to fights to take his “crown”. Saburo is extremely weak at fighting but when he wets himself(usually in fear) his personality completely changes and he turns into an “Elite Yankee” fighting machine. I know this drama probably sounds ridiculous but if you watch it you will 100% get hooked!

Number 1: Rich Man, Poor Woman(リッチマン、プアウーマン).

Rich Man Poor Woman

This drama was only just aired last year from around July and most people at the time just referred to it as “Rich Man”. It details the story of a late 20’s CEO of an I.T. Company, Tooru Hyuga. Tooru is not what you would consider a normal person, although he is extremely wealthy and very popular with women he has very bad people skills. He doesn’t care about his money or girls, all he seems to care about is his company(Next Innovation) and creating new software or mobile applications. Tooru was abandoned by his mother as a child but has never come to terms with it, even after searching for her multiple times. One day him and his partner Asahina hold a ‘Setsumakai’ for their company to hire new employees and a girl from Tokyo University comes. Tooru decides that he will only hire people who have received two job offers from other companies, and when he finds out the girl from Tokyo University has zero he makes a spectacle of her in front of everyone – essentially calling her useless. She gets tired of being called “Tokyo University girl” so she tells him her name, “Chihiro Sawaki”. This is also Tooru’s mothers name. Why does she have his mothers name? Who is she? Is she related at all to Tooru’s mother? These are all big questions that are answered in the drama. Oh yeah, Shun Oguri and Satomi Ishihara play the two big roles in this one. This drama is gold, don’t even think about it – just watch it and you’ll know what I mean!

So to wrap things up…

I hope this post was informative for anyone looking for some drama to watch at the moment. I can guarantee to you that any of these 3 drama are worth watching and I hope I succeeded in convincing you to give at least even one of them a watch. If you disagree with anything I’ve wrote or want to recommend a drama yourself go ahead and send a comment in below.

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14 thoughts on “3 of the Best Japanese Drama of All Time.

  1. I love Hanadan and liked Rich man, I like Shun and Satomi, I still prefer Handan over Rich man though I haven’t watched number 2 but have you watched Ichi rittoru no namida? is a sad drama but totally worth it it has a beautiful story, is one of my favorites. And I recommend Kazoku Game too aired last season I really liked.

    • I haven’t actually watched either of them! What’s Kazoku Game about? I’ll take a look at it later today if I have some time. Any other drama you like but haven’t mentioned? You should definitely watch Saburo it’s hilarious! The acting is awful though. I think what we can take from this post is that Oguri Shun is a great actor.

      • Dude, watch Kazoku Game! It’s an order! At the first 2 or so episodes i was like, “oh just another drama about bullying..” but then the plot gets really twisted, you don’t know what’s the M.C’s objective anymore and you get really hooked into it. Definitely recommended. And if you’re into hilarious dramas, have you tried Samurai High School?
        Someone talked a lot about Rich Man to me, so seeing it in number 1 i have to give it a try. And i agree, Oguri’s pretty good.

        • Alright, it seems like the consensus is for me to watch Kazoku Game. I’ll check it out. By the way thank you for posting on my blog. I haven’t seen Samurai High School either so I’ll check that out too when I’ve got some spare time. Rich Man is definitely worth watching, it taught me to have dreams LOL. I know it sounds stupid because it’s just fiction but it really got me pumped out about achieving goals and stuff.

      • I’ll watch Saburo I like funny dramas, Kazoku Game is about a family that hire a crazy tutor for their son but the tutor is crazy, and sometimes even uses violence but it was a great drama one of my favorites. Dramas that I liked Liar Game, Maou, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e or just Hanakimi, Last Cinderella, Pride, there are tons of dramas that I liked lol. And Oguri Shun I agree with you is a great actor I’ve watched a lot of thing with him, I recommend a movie called Crows is good movie and directed by one of my favorites Japanese director Takashi Miike.

        • I haven’t seen a lot of the drama you just listed, so I guess I’ll start with Kazoku Game and work my way down. I’ve seen Crows though! I’ve read a couple of volumes of the manga too it’s a good franchise. I kind of feel like I only really watched Crows for all the fighting scenes though haha. Yeah Oguri is a good actor and just an all-around interesting person. You should check out some of his old All Night Nippon broadcasts they’re hilarious.

  2. I’ve seen HanaDan and Rich Man Poor Woman. 🙂 I must say both are good dramas. I’ll try to watch Saburo since you’ve convinced me. :p By the way, have you seen My Boss My Hero? It’s about a guy in his late 20’s who was forced to return to high school and get his diploma by his father before he can be the “Boss” of his clan. It stars Nagase Tomoya as Sakaki Makio. It’s a light hearted drama with tons of comedy.

    • Thanks for your comment Micah. What’d you personally think of Rich Man? Average? Above Average? Good? Yes! Definitely take a look at Saburo, it’s worth at least watching the first episode. I have not seen My Boss My Hero, but I’ll give the first episode a watch when I get some free time! How old is it?

      • I was actually roaming around looking for some Pin to Kona subs and found your website. And I can’t help commenting on this topic. You have a really nice site. 😀

        I thought it was pretty good. The actors, the direction and the script were awesome. At some points, it can be compared to a Korean romcom, but the stories about friendship and fulfilling your dreams are standard Japanese drama. Have you seen the SP? I liked it too, but it felt a little rushed for a 2hr episode. There’s a buzz that it will have a 2nd season. 🙂

        My Boss My Hero was from 2006, so it’s about 7 years now. Here’s a wiki link for it:

        And another drama on my hit list: Hana Kimi 2007! It was the 1st Jap drama I’ve seen and I can say that it was one of the reasons why I love Jdramas. It was because of Hana Kimi that I began to love Ikuta Toma, Horikita Maki and Shun Oguri very much.;)

  3. hanakimi and maou are my all time favourite drama. hmm,i guess i should start watching rich man poor woman. at first i thought its again a cliche love story bout a rich man falling in love with a poor woman,but guess i’m wrong.

    • Nah it’s a little more than a love story. I mean that’s obviously one part of it, but it’s probably not the strongest element. Anyway check it out when you have time!

  4. Ohhh, I love HYD, and I guess, I should watch the other two as well. But Kazoku Game is a drama that leaves you breathless, same with Maou (although the genre is completely different). I enjoyed Karei Naru Ichizoku very much (not a light one, but VERY GOOD), and of course Ataru! Marvellous acting by Nakai – I recommend it with all my powers 🙂

    • Yeah HYD is really good but I think it kind of lacks the originality Kazoku Game’s plot has. I haven’t heard of Karei Naru Ichizoku so I’ll try it out when I get the time. I’ve seen a couple of episodes of Ataru and just couldn’t get into it but that was back when I could hardly understand what was going on so things might be better now. Anyway, thanks for your recommendations!

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