49 Episode 11, Final.


So yesterday the last episode of 49(Episode 11) aired on NTV. It was pretty heavily delayed for some reason, I think Episode 10 aired around 2 or 3 weeks ago so I suppose they were broadcasting something else in its time-slot for the last few weeks. It was also a little bit longer than the usual episodes (around 45 minutes vs. 25 minutes) so maybe that also had something to do with the delay. This episode leaded up to the 49th day of Dan’s father being in his body, meaning that his father’s soul would disappear and move on.

Or so everybody thought. We find out at the start of the episode that Dan is actually the one who died in the accident during the first episode that caused Dan’s father to hijack his body. Dan’s father was still very heavily injured but not to the extent that surgery shouldn’t have been able to save him. Dan, however, hit his head and this caused him to die(temporarily). He explains that afterwards he was floating above looking at his and his father’s bodies. I’m guessing that Dan’s father must have done something to stop him from dying. Because Dan is actually the one who died during the incident Dan thinks that it might be his soul that disappears on the 49th day, rather than his father’s.


A lot of other stuff happens as it gets closer to the 49th day. Dan’s father manages to patch things up between Yuko and her boyfriend, convincing him to shut down the club so he can spend more time with her and their newly-born child. He gives his wife Aiko the extra push that she needs to start a new relationship with her pottery teacher. We also find out that Dan’s Senpai who plays tennis and has been chasing Mana is dirt poor and has like 6 siblings, contrary to him portraying himself as some kind of “Prince” to everyone at school. Unsurprisingly, Mana is bat-shit insane so she ends up being charmed by this despite the fact she never even thought twice about him in that way in the preceding episodes. Oh and during the first episode Sachi was actually going to jump off the school building before Dan’s father stops her. She was having issues coming to terms with that fact that her mother had been cheating on her father and that her father wouldn’t listen to her about it. That sums up the other side-plots that were operating until the final episode.


The series ended quite nicely. Pretty much all the loose ends that need to be tied were tied by the time the episode ended and while there weren’t any big surprises or huge climaxes I enjoyed watching this drama a lot more than others that I watched in the season that just past. Then again, I am a sucker for dramas with high school settings because it lets me vicariously live the Japanese high school student life that I never had(and never, ever will now I’m 21 years old). I won’t talk about which soul stays in Dan’s body at after the 49th day because I’m assuming that if you’re reading this you won’t have actually watched the episode yet so I don’t want to spoil everything. That being said, this episode and series is definitely worth watching.

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