Even the Ads in Nananin no Majo are Interesting.

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Before I was watching Episode 5 of Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo again checking the subtitles I made, trying to see what I can build on next time I do subbing(I’ve already started on Glass no Ie) and while I was watching it I realised just how interesting the ads are. I’m sure anyone who is a regular reader of this blog knows just how much I like Japanese Ads to begin with. They somehow have managed to find a way to keep shameless promotions fresh actually…

Do not at all feel compelled to skip the ads like I usually would when I’m watching TV. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about there are two ad segments in every episode of Nananin no Majo, one is for the new Nissan Dayz and the other is for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 but they are well thought-out ads which contain side-stories with select characters from the actual drama(and characters that also don’t appear in the drama).

Samsung 1

Nissan 1

The first Nissan Dayz ad follows the antics of a student from Yamada’s High School called Bakari-kun. They have(quite cleverly) picked a dorky-looking, late 30’s guy to play this role(he’s a comedian in Japan). Bakari-kun really wants to kiss girls like Yamada and every episode he gets the chance to kiss a new different girl providing that he can accomplish whatever task they give him. For example, the girl this week(who was pretty damn cute I might add) wanted Bakari-kun to surprise her with a magic cards trick. Bakari then goes and kisses the new Nissan Dayz and copies its “Around View Monitor” power.

2 Nissan 4 5 Nissan 6

He then uses this power to find out which card the girl picks from the hand he gives her. The magic trick is successful but the unfortunate part is that she isn’t surprised by it at all – so Bakari-kun doesn’t get a kiss for the fifth week in a row. Raishuu mo Ganbatte, Bakari-kun! The girl next week looks pretty cute too.

7In the last week Bakari-kun will kiss one of the girls who appears in this segment, and who he kisses is going to be chosen by the viewers. You can vote on the Drama’s Official site or through an app. The hilarious part is there is one girl that doesn’t fit in at all, because she’s like 50 years or so older than everyone else. If you’ve been watching every week carefully you’ll notice that she’ll be the last girl to appear and that she’s been hiding quietly in all of the promo shots. I’m starting to feel a little bad for Bakari-kun, because I’d say his chances of kissing any girl(or rather old lady) other than the one I’m talking about in the last week are slim.

8 The other ad spot, for the Samsung Galaxy S4, features Miyamura-kun and two of the girls from the Student Body Office. What they talk about changes every time, but in some way connects to one of the phones special features. In Episode 5 they were talking about randomly seeing a celebrity in town and how they took a photo of him. They showed off the S4’s dual camera, which apparently takes two photos using the sub and main cameras of the phone so that you can take a photo of yourself and another person simultaneously(I don’t really get this feature but it must be popular in Asia). The segment then ended with Miyamura-kun getting mad at the girls and telling them to go pick up rubbish at the beach.

Samsung 2 4 Samsung 5 Samsung 6What does everyone else watching this drama think of the ads? Interesting? Don’t care for them? Can’t be bothered fast forwarding and watch them anyways? If you’ve got any input go ahead and send it through in the comments. Maybe when Episode 6 comes out I’ll actually translate the ads this time because I didn’t last time and I feel like without them you’re missing out on about 10% of the fun of drama.

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3 thoughts on “Even the Ads in Nananin no Majo are Interesting.

  1. I like the ads in Yamada actually I like japanese CMs, sometimes when I have nothing to do I look into them through the Internet, lame but I like it hahaha sometimes they are the craziest things but sometimes they can be cute and sweet too ^^

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