Afternoon Drama Seibo Kiyomi Monogatari.

Seibo Kiyomi Monogatari

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there aren’t only night-time dramas in Japan. There’s also morning and afternoon dramas that are religiously viewed by senior citizens, housewives and people without jobs or even people that work from home. It’s easy to forget because a lot of afternoon dramas don’t have excellent budgets and aren’t usually(at least in my opinion) of very high quality. Today I thought I’d hold back that prejudice and write a little bit about an afternoon drama that starts airing next week that I thought looked kind of interesting, it’s called “Seibo Kiyomi Monogatari” and it’s going to be airing on Tokai TV(which I think is linked to Fuji TV) from Monday to Friday every week at 1:30pm. Machiko Kochi will be playing the lead role of Kiyomi and Ryuji Harada, Noboru Kaneko, Mitsuko Oka and Midori Yamamoto will also be playing major roles.

This drama is about a woman named Kiyomi who is married to the head of a hospital. After getting married Kiyomi and her husband tried desperately to have children but were unable to. This was later found out to be due to the fact Kiyomi had some medical issues preventing her from becoming pregnant. She starts undertaking treatment to become fertile and the couple end up having a child. Unfortunately that child is cursed with a rare illness and the Kiyomi and her husband decide to have another child to save the first one(what illness it is isn’t mentioned on the official website’s introduction – by the way what if the second child is born with the same illness?). The major problem with this is that Kiyomi’s body has been deemed to be unfit for another pregnancy by medical professionals. Because of this she makes contact with her estranged younger sister and begs her to be the surrogate mother for her second child. Her and her sister were estranged because her younger sister hated her(and was/still is extremely jealous of her) but ends up agreeing eventually.

The general outline of the story doesn’t sound too bad, especially for an afternoon drama but I can see how it would definitely fit into a “Days of our Lives” mould with an abundance of hospital scenes. It must also be pretty hard to maintain viewers in these types of dramas because they’re shown on every weekday so you’ve probably gotta keep adding in new ingredients to the mix to keep your main group of viewers hooked. I’m not sure if this drama will even be available for download because usually people only re-upload stuff that’s in reasonably high demand. I said in the first paragraph that I don’t really like afternoon dramas but it probably actually depends on the kind of mood I’m in. These things are really great to watch when you’re hungover or in the mood to do absolutely nothing because they’re mindless and usually the plots are paper thing but still somehow addictive. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one, hopefully someone in Japan decides to upload it.

*Image and explanation sourced(then translated) from Tokai TV’s website.

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