Former AKB Member Risa Naruse Does AV.

So it’s been a year since this last happened(and she’s the third to do it) but former AKB member Risa Naruse (or “Haruna Aisaka” in this case) is going to be releasing an AV(read soft core porno) movie through MUTEKI. She’s now in a 7 girl idol band called Nanairo Fantasy. This is apparently the first time she’s been in a swimsuit infront of a camera, and stripped infront of it…and kissed someone infront of it. I’m guessing this is her first AV ever, right? Keep reading for further details.

Haruna Aisaka AV Movie

The video will go for 100 minutes in total and will be coming out on DVD(you can get Blu-ray too) on the 1st of October this year(10/1/2013). It’ll be on sale for 3980 yen but I’m not sure if there are any Japanese companies that post these kinds of movies to foreign addresses so if you’re hoping to actually buy it you might be out of luck. In the video before the break she was introducing herself. Her three-size from top to bottom is 83cm/57cm/85cm, her hobby is watching anime(yeah sure) and her special skill is her ability to fold her tongue weirdly. To put it all in a nutshell “please support my by buying my dirty DVD tehe”. I’ll end with a photo from her AKB days. She was pretty cute back then too, right?

Risa Naruse

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