Alice no Toge confirmed for Spring 2014.

Juri UenoYet another drama has been confirmed for an April 2014 start this week. It’s called “Alice no Toge”/アリスの棘 which translates to “Alice’s Thorn” in English. This drama is a complete original, meaning that it’s not based off a manga or a novel – it has been written straight for TV. The main character of Alice no Toge will be played by Juri Ueno, and this will be the first regular drama that she has done on TBS in seven years. The drama will be receiving a friday night time-slot from 10pm and each episode will go for about an hour or so. Joe Odagiri, Chiaki Kuriyama and Baijaku Nakamura will also be making appearances.

Ueno will be playing the main character, Asumi Mizuno, who has been labelled as a “dark heroine”. The drama will be taking place in a university hospital and the main character’s goal in life is to take revenge against her father’s enemies who are also doctors. She has apparently thrown away love, a future and pretty much everything else for the sake of this goal. Alice no Toge is described as “full of mystery” and full of “surprises” that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats every weekend. Ueno has made some comments saying that’s she’s very excited to be playing a role in a genre that she isn’t used to. She also said that she wants to have as much fun as possible in the role and hopes that she’ll be able to portray Asumi Mizuno’s loneliness and sadness to viewers in a way that will draw them into the drama.

I don’t actually think I’ve heard of Juri Ueno before but maybe I’ve seen her around on TV. Until I started blogging I didn’t really know the names of many Japanese actors, I used to see them a lot on TV over and over again and be like “oh it’s THAT guy from [insert Drama/Variety TV show]” but never really make the connection from name to face. Either way I’m happy that there’s going to be another drama coming out in April because it gives me more choices about what to watch. I also like the fact that this drama is a completely original, there have been way too many dramas based off novels and manga lately. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, I think there just needs to be more balance and I think that stories specifically made for TV have their own merit too.

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5 thoughts on “Alice no Toge confirmed for Spring 2014.

  1. I first saw Ueno in Nodame Cantabile, where she was a big success. I saw her then in Last Friends, where her acting was impressive. Then came Gou, a taiga drama on NHK. I am afraid the role didn’t suit her. Anyway, I stopped watching quickly because I thought the drama was bad. It had poor ratings, and I think was a blow to her reputation, considering she didn’t have much activity afterwards.

    One of the problems with Gou was that while the setting depicted events in Hideyoshi’s time [XVI th century], the attitudes and manners of all were totally modern. Ueno seemed a modern high school teenager, not a 15th century court young woman. I guess more the director’s error, but it affected the whole story.

    • That’s where I’ve seen here! After reading this comment I made the Nodame connection. Wow her and Tamaki have aged since Nodame.

  2. OHHHH…that’s why I recognize her photo…Nodame Cantabile. 🙂 Personally, I didn’t like that drama all that much, but unlike other dramas I didn’t like, I actually remember much of NC quite well, & I had watched it quite some time ago…

    as for this new drama, interesting storyline. I also like the fact that it is an original story, which eliminates chatter regarding how well the adaptation religiously followed a book’s or manga’s storyline.

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