I’m Alive.

I probably need to make an apology. Then again I don’t know if anybody even reads this blog anymore. If there is anyone out there I want you to know that I’m alive. But not in Australia, in Tokyo. My working holiday experiment was not a failure, well – not completely anyway.

So yeah, I think I talked about applying for a working holiday visa about six months ago. It got approved and I’ve been in Tokyo since about the start of February. Fuck there are so many people in Tokyo. Culture shock hit me pretty hard last month and homesickness was driving me insane(along with a couple of other things that I might discuss later). How am I now? I’m getting there, I think. When you’re not happy you have to make changes. I’ve made some and things are improving. Freedom is so close now that I can almost taste it. But yeah I can’t really be bothered writing anything lengthy today, I just wanna try and get back into the habit again of writing sometimes. I’m paying hosting fees and for this domain every year so I may as well use it. Who knows, maybe I’ll get around to talking about drama again lately. There have been some pretty shitty dramas this year. Oh yeah, don’t bother asking me about subtitles or whatever(if anyone even reads this blog anymore). It’s not going to happen. Feel free to comment about drama though, I still like drama.

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  1. Wow, it’s been quite a long time. Hope you can enjoy your life more in Tokyo. I really enjoy your sub though but ganbare for everything you’re at right now.
    Wish I could join you in Tokyo. *pray* But, nah… still long way to go for me.

    • Haha everything should be fine, another month or so and all the pieces should fall into place. Are you thinking about living in Tokyo one day?

  2. Hey!!
    Happy to read from you!! but sorry that you seem to have a hard time! I faced the same kind of shock when I went to Japan, I was quite young at the time (18) and I let it hit me quite badly, now I regret not to have done things differently, it was a life time chance… I was in the countryside (Satsuma-Sendai, Kagoshima-Ken) and I am from Paris so it was a completed different world! So please keep up the changes and listen to your heart so when one day you’ll look back you’ll just think “well I have done all what I could!” I don’t pretend my experience is the same as yours, but if you want to talk to someone who can probably understand what you’re feeling then feel free!
    Please continue to give a little bit of news!
    Have you had a chance to watch Ouroboros?
    PS about the subtitles, well there are things much more important in life!!

    • It’s kind of hard for me to imagine what it would have been like being in the countryside. Especially Kagoshima. I’m guessing its pretty much the polar opposite of Tokyo and there are too few people? Either path is a recipe to insanity.

    • Well, we were probably half a dozen of foreigners in the surrounding so people used to stop me in the supermarket and ask me where I was from… and when I answered France, Paris their reaction was wouahhh !!! Some were even asking the University if they could meet me just because of this…. Anyway there is a massive difference in the behaviour of Japanese people depending on whether you’re just visiting/studying or working… this is due to the fact that in the first case we do not have to be confronted to the bad side and deal with it as we do when working. Their culture is very complicated and they assume you know it… if you don’t well sod it!! Anyway be strong and don’t believe them!!!

      • Yeah well there are times where I know what a Japanese person would do in a situation and just don’t want to do it. I can think of a couple of good examples.

          • Feel free to talk about yourself as much as you want in the comments! It’s what I do in the posts anyway! Haha. I’m guessing I would have similar sort of trouble trying to market the limited skills I have. I’m probably better off than someone who has no skills at all though.

            I think a good example is drinking. Whenever we go drinking the Manager of the store eggs staff on to skull their drinks all in one go. I never fold to this and sometimes I get this little nudging “You know in Japan when your Senpai tells you to drink you have to drink…” from someone sitting near me. And while I don’t say it every time I just think “yeah and I’m not Japanese so fuck off I’ll drink at my own pace”.

          • Just wanted to add that, indeed, you need to conform, but only up to a point. Do not drink up if it doesn’t suit you. Maybe you should just raise your glass and take sip, for”politeness”, but no more. I think anyway it’s silly to guzzle drinks and just get drunk. Granted, it usually doesn’t take that much for the Japanese to get drunk. I think alcohol is to be enjoyed, not overdone. A glass of wine or two with a good dinner, or some cold sake with a keiseki dinner, or a nice glass of cold beer when you are hot and thirsty.
            All you get out of getting drunk is a hangover, and possibly making a fool of yourself.

          • Yeah, what you described is what I do but they still grumble sometimes. In the end I probably get off way lighter than a Japanese person would so I suppose I can’t complain. I get what you mean, I only really wanna drink like that once in a month because you’re totally unproductive the following day.

          • It is actually not too bad!!! I never had this problem though! I used to teach private lesson of French outside Uni and one of my “student” (a doctor with his own hospital) took me to eat and drink after every lesson.. He did not have to ask me to drink! I have never drunk such delicious cocktail ever since!!! I have to admit that my Japanese was actually much better after a pint and a cocktail….
            I wrote in a previous comment “don’t believe them”, I feel like I have to be more explicit. A friend had once warned me that if I was visiting a friend’s family I should not take seriously their “please come back whenever you want” or something like this… because it is not true. Well in France we don’t say things like this unless we mean them, we would just say something like “it was a pleasure meeting you , Good bye..”. So I thought ok… I kept it in mind. Except that in my case that happened to be not true and a friend’s grand mother actually gave me money for the train so I could come back! I have been extremely lucky to have met this friend… Anyway, I should have thought more carefully about what actually laid behind the advice… It was just an example… A couple who had wanted to meet me because they had a shop of “French” clothing told me they wanted to have French lesson with me when I was going to come back after a break. I went back to see them at that point. They took 10 appointments (at a very good rate!). The night before the 1st lesson I went out with that doctor. I came back around 3 in the morning and had to wake up very early to finish off printing or something I can’t remember exactly, but I was very stressed as It would have been the first lesson I was giving in Japanese.. I used to speak English or French. Then I rushed down town on my bicycle (horrible situation! I am usually not sweating a lot but there because of the humidity you get your clothes wet very easily , too easily). So here I am, ringing the bell. She opens the door in pyjama and asks me what am I doing here… So naively I answer that I am here for the lesson.. She tells me she is poorly and that she called the Uni to tell me… So I say I am sorry did not have the message and then see you on Tuesday… Then she said: I have cancelled everything. I skip the end. I went mad and gave a piece of my mind to the director of the exchanges!
            The point was (and I must be slow because it took me around 10 years to understand, and no I am not that old!) that when they told me they wanted to take lessons, well they were just being “polite” in the Japanese meaning of it. And I being French did not get it, so I created a situation where I have been badly hurt. They could have told me they changed their mind or they did not have the time any more or whatever stupid reason/lie as they usually used to give me at Uni because they did not know how to say no. But no.. I know that there Japanese who are different and I have met a lot of them and this is probably why I did not see it coming…
            I hope you are aware of this or that in Tokyo it is not so obvious as in the countryside!

            If you plan to travel I recommend you Kagoshima. There are plenty of Onsen and a lot of cultural sites to visit.

            Thank you for letting me speak! I hope I haven’t bored you or whoever else who could be reading this long comment!

            Have fun being different!!!!

          • This is one of the bad points about some Japanese people. Just being frank would save all the parties involved so much time and grief was well…What an awful experience.

  3. Hi there! I was wondering what had happened to you.
    I surmise you hadn’t been to Japan before? I had assumed you had lived there. I sympathize with your problems. Hope you are getting over them, and that everything else is good.
    Though where I had culture shock was in the US when I first came here from Europe. I have not lived in Japan, just visited it over a dozen times. I happen to love the place, both old and the new. Tokyo is a wonderful large city, so much more hospitable and cleaner, than American ones. Easier to get around in as well. But my Japanese, while progressing over time, has remained insufficient for want of serious study and practice.
    Dramas…An intriguing one is Kimutaku’s current “I’m Home”. I am interested in watching Ishitachi no Renai Jijou, and Dr Rintaro. Tenshi to Akuma and Ouroboros, maybe. I depend on subtitles, so I download the drama, the subtitles, and sometimes don’t watch till I’ve burned it on DVD. That’s why I liked reading your opinions on the new dramas.

    • Long time! I’ve been to Japan about 4 times now and the time before was an exchange that lasted for about 8 or 9 months in Kansai. I think it’s not really about length but maybe more about your situation, for instance I never actually worked in Japan for those 8 or 9 months I just went to university pretty much everyday. Is America THAT dirty? I’m watching I’m Home too! It’s pretty much the only drama I’ve been keeping regular with this season, I’m watching the one with Yamapi in it to but it’s starting to kind of get boring. Someone recommended Rintaro to me and I’d like to check it out but everytime it gets uploaded onto a streaming site it’s deleted within like half a day.

      • No, it’s not that dirty, but it was/is so different from Europe. Though New York was pretty bad (better now, though the streets still have lots of pot holes). Having a car is very important here, you cannot depend on public transportation. I got used to the place, but I still prefer Western Europe and Japan!
        For the dramas, I will send you links tomorrow, where you can download torrents and subtitles. I don’t watch streaming sites.

      • how are you liking “I’m Home”? I’m part of one of the two groups subbing it, although you’re probably not using them. πŸ™‚ it’s weird to have 2 groups doing the same drama, but it just shows how popular it is. I find it very interesting.

        btw, welcome back! I was wondering what happened to you, but I’m glad that you’re coping with everything. πŸ™‚

          • I’m glad you like our subs better! πŸ™‚ i can’t claim any credit for translating…i’m just an english checker and qc’er. The translating team deserves almost all the credit (i claim a very small amount). Hehe.

        • Oh wow good to hear you’re still subbing. I do like I’m Home, I’m not really watching much else this season. Kind of casually following Yamegoku as well. Then again I pretty much watch anything with KimTak in it.

          • I agree with you! I’ll watch anything with him in it. I’ll also watch Kusanagi and Katori too. I’m not that keen on the other two SMAP members for dramas though, with the exception of Ataru.

            what do you think about Ueto’s role? I find her somewhat annoying, but i’m not sure if anyone can do the role any better.

  4. Hey, there! Long time no see. Well, I’ve been waiting your new post since the last on November up until now. I like your subtitle (with some funny notes on it, haha) which made me always want to get subtitles from here. Welcome back. πŸ˜€

    • Thanks for sticking around! I’ll try and keep up posting a little more regularly, it’s a waste to be in a different country and have a blog but not use it.

  5. How did I miss this post???? Long time no see! Funny to say that Objective C led me back here. Anyway – enjoy your time and Tokio the way you want it to. No more subs? Well, pity, but we shall live with it πŸ˜‰ The good thing is to get you back!!!
    And dramas… there are some good ones this season, believe me!! Hope to hear from you soon!!!

    • Maybe this new version of WordPress is having issues or something. In any case thanks for the links! I completely forgot about JDramaCity.

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