When API calls disappear.

Well I suppose disappear is really the incorrect term to be using. API calls never really disappear, they just get deprecated, and I suppose at some undetermined point in the future actually do disappear. I’m a pretty big fan of using ViewPager when making things for Android, I’d even say I probably over-use it. But lately something changed about ViewPager.

And you know I’m not even completely sure it’s worth writing about, but it made me raise my eyebrow and then wasted a few seconds of my life by making me turn to Google for answers. Remember that method that you usually use to bind an OnPageChangeListener to a ViewPager? That’s right, setOnPageChangeListener. It got deprecated. I’m not even sure when either. It just suddenly popped up the other day in one of those little warning windows in my IDE. So what do we do now that setOnPageChangeListener is deprecated? It’s simple. We use addOnPageChangeListener instead.

I sometimes wonder why little changed like this are made, I wonder if there’s anything above a name change in this new method…

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