App to help fat girls lose weight.

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You won’t believe what popped up when I was reading Japanese “news” today: an app that helps fat Japanese girls lose weight – “Nensho for Girls”. I’m pretty interested in smartphone application development and am learning the bare basics of it at the moment so I when I saw the story about this app it really stood out to me. If you’re still reading this paragraph you’re probably interested and want to know how the app actually helps the user achieve this goal. Well it’s actually quite simple…

The app is kind of like a dating simulator. For those who don’t know what dating sims are, you play as a character who is in a harem situation. You’re either a guy who interacts with a bunch of girls or a girl who interacts with a bunch of guys who are all potential mates. I haven’t played one before myself, but I think usually they are set in a high school and it’s kind of like an interactive novel. Maybe Gyakuten Saiban(Ace Attorney) is a good example if you’ve ever tried that? You, as the main character, try to slay a bunch of the in-game female(or male) characters by talking smooth and making the right choices during the game and doing so leads to various story developments or sometimes even CGI scenes.

The Boys

So this app what would be considered a reverse-harem scenario. You are a fat girl who interacts with a bunch of good-looking guys and your interactions with them supposedly help you in your weight loss goals. You’re probably thinking that these handsome guys would be nice to you and give you positive words of encouragement about your weight problems, right? Wrong. And that’s why this app received so much attention and criticism on the internet this week, and is on a lot of Japanese Matome sites. Apparently at a very early stage of the game you are faced with the following screen.

Hey Fattie

No this is not a joke. This is actually something that is said to you during the game. I know some of the people reading my blog can speak Japanese but for those who can’t this character is essentially saying to you “Hey fatty”. Yeah, that’s right – he’s insulting you from the get-go about your weight. Wow. I was pretty shocked at how straight-up this insult is and it kind of made makes me wonder how people who have downloaded this app in a serious attempt to lose weight feel after being told this by a virtual, yet devilishly handsome, character.

Then again maybe this is the kick some people need to conquer their weight problems? I can remember being kind of chubby as a little kid, but I don’t think I’ve ever had serious weight problems in my life so far. That being said, I have had other problems and usually I have been motivated the most when someone has made snide comments to me. “Pfft as if you can do that”, “Keep dreaming”, “Haha there’s no way you can do that”, “You’ll never beat me”. Look the list goes on but I think that sometimes harsh comments are really what gets you the most motivated about something. I’m not saying people should listen to everything they are told by people and take every word to heart but if you didn’t have a serious problem about whatever you’re being insulted about you probably wouldn’t be so hurt by it in the first place. Anyway, anybody else read about this app? What do you guys think about it?

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3 thoughts on “App to help fat girls lose weight.

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  2. Gotta say, that “Nensho for Girls” has to be sent into space and burned up in the atmosphere as it leaves earth. I know too many girls whose weight is due to hormonal imbalances, clinical depression medications, female cycle problems, post-trauma weight gain (rape, sexual assaults). And even if a woman wants to eat more calories than her body burns, it’s no-one else’s business. I also know so-called large women who are fitter and healthier than people with “good figures”. Let’s bring back Renaissance ideals of real women – curvy, plump, lumpy, bumpy, with bums and tummies and hips!

  3. LOL I laughed so hard after reading this… was there any successful results for those who used this app? cause I’d like to hear their stories.

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