Arashi’s new single “GUTS!”.

On the 30th of next month (4/30) Arashi is going to be releasing a new single called “GUTS!”. The main song of the single(also titled “GUTS!”) is going to be the theme song for the new drama that Kazunari Ninomiya is going to be starring in next month called “Yowakutemo Katemasu ~Aoshi Sensei to Heppoko Koukou Kyuji no Yabou”, which I wrote a little bit about a few weeks ago. The single is going to be released in two different formats, a normal version and a limited edition version. The limited edition version will feature 2 songs along with a karaoke version of the second song, the PV for “GUTS!” and a 12 page booklet featuring lyrics. The normal version will come with 3 songs and 3 karaoke versions. Read on for a little more information about title names (or a lack of them).

Arashi – GUTS!

Limited Edition Version:


1. GUTS!

2. Untitled Song(A)

3. Karaoke version of (A)


1. GUTS! music video clip.

Normal Version:

1. GUTS!

2. Untitled Song(B)

3. Untitled Song(C)

4. Karaoke version of GUTS!

5. Karaoke version of (B)

6. Karaoke version of (C)

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