Ashita Mama Ga Inai loses all its sponsors.

So for a couple of weeks now a new drama called Ashita Mama Ga Inai has been airing. It’s a drama thats about children who have been taken away from there families(or were born orphans) that live in a children’s shelter(or kind of like a limbo house I suppose) and are searching for foster families. I’ve watched Episode 1 of the series and Episode 2 aired this week. It didn’t really hit the spot for me and that’s why I haven’t actually wrote anything about the drama until now but I saw interesting article yesterday about the dim situation the drama is undergoing with its sponsor companies at the moment. Or maybe I should say its former sponsor companies.

Not a lot of people or associations related to child abuse or child welfare are happy with this drama in Japan at the moment. In fact a lot of people are complaining about it saying that it doesn’t accurately depict the situation of orphans or foster children and that the drama is too real. I remember in one of the scenes in the first Episode the owner of the limbo house says to all the children “you’re all just like dogs and cats in a pet store”. The complaints are so bad about this drama that even the sponsor companies have been receiving calls and letters about it.

When Episode 1 aired there were around 7 companies or so in the credits showing their company logos on the sponsorship board. Apparently when Episode 2 came around all of these companies were gone. In the first Episode a few companies had their commercials running in the breaks too but now all of those have been replaced by AC Japan commercials. Despite all of the controversy surrounding the series Nihon TV is refusing to take it down and made a comment on the 23rd saying that they intend to continue running the series until its final episode.


This is actually the first time I’ve heard of something like this happening for a drama. I think that all of these companies are going a bit overboard and I think the amount of complaints being made about this drama is ridiculous. It’s a drama. It’s fictional. Not once does it say that its an accurate depiction of the struggles of foster children/orphans. Why does drama need to stay within the bounds of reality? Why does it need to be accurate? And why does it need to tread carefully to try and not offend people? If you don’t like it change the channel no one is forcing you to watch TV or specifically Nihon TV. I’m sure the drama could be changed to keep people pleased but then it would probably lose its soul and that’s a heavy price to pay to keep people with too much time on their hands at bay. Anyway that’s just like, my opinion. So if like, you have own too go ahead and comment below and tell me about it.

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8 thoughts on “Ashita Mama Ga Inai loses all its sponsors.

  1. Yeah, it’s kind of weird that way. I wonder if the complaints would be as many if Ashida Mana wasn’t in the drama. She is one very cute kid, & very popular too. if the actors were less well-known, I suspect the number of complaints might not be as many. (I haven’t watched the show myself, but plan to in the near future.)

    However, that being said, people watch tv to be entertained or to have a brief escape from the drudgery of real life, and people generally like happy stories. A drama that shows something disturbing will definitely evoke a response from an audience that expects their emotions to be uplifted. The comment about realism might just be an excuse.

    But who knows? Since I haven’t watched the show yet, I might be totally off-base.

    • Yeah when I said real I more meant that it was a bit disturbing or kind of shocking in a way. I think most of the people that hate this drama hate it because it apparently doesn’t depict the situation of foster children in Japan accurately enough. It’s TV though so what’re you gunna do? Haha.

  2. I found out about this when I saw that there was an article at Huffington Post Japan mentioning Shirota Yuu. That was surprising so I went right over to check it out. And then reading about the controversy is even more surprising! Well, I know that Japanese television networks have sometimes brought in a field expert in as an advisor to the script writers. I’m guessing that NTV neglected to do that for this show, and so now the child protective services professionals are irate? In any case, now I want to watch each episode just to see if it does indeed continue to the end!

    • I’m not actually too interested in the drama itself. I couldn’t concentrate through all of Episode 1 or 2 and kind of only half watched both of them. The controversy is really crazy though! They probably should have got proper advice before they started writing but they keep claiming they have some kind of vision for it so I guess all we can do is believe them and wait and see.

  3. I watched episode 1 a few days ago, and I’m personally really interested in it (I love stories with children and I like when it’s a little dark or twisted too). I agree with you: I think the complaints make no sense, because it’s fiction. This situation is really surprising to me. Just because it’s a drama with children doesn’t mean it needs to be bright, fluffy, happy and kawaii all the time, no? Though I believe that it will end with a happy ending.
    I do hope NTV keeps airing it until the end! Go NTV!

    • I know right? I don’t know why they have to make such a big deal about it. That’s one of the things I don’t like about Japanese society, everyone is scared to do something new – even more so than Western people. Then everyone just makes fun of/gives trouble to innovators in whatever field it might be rather than supporting them or trying to emulate them.

      • That’s surprising because for me and many others, the Japanese always seem so…excentric. Their game shows are crazy, some stories in mangas for example are sort of “messed up”… But then on the other side, the society is actually very strict and focused on dignity.

        • Japan is a very confusing society. People get dropped from job interviews just for not having raven-black hair but then there’s thousands of people prancing around in Harajuku wearing ridiculous stuff. Or UFO catchers that have hentai plastic figurines in them…I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand it.

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