Bitter Blood Episode 1 gets Warm Reception.

Episode 1 of the new Fuji TV detective drama Bitter Blood aired on the 15th(last night) and received a rating of 12.2%. The drama tells the story of an estranged son(played by Takeru Sato) and father(Atsuro Watabe) partnering up as detectives. The first episode had an extra 15 minute extension and the drama will also be featuring Katsumi Takahashi, Mitsuru Fukikoshi and KEIJI from EXILE. 12.2% is a very pleasant result considering the amount of detective dramas airing in the last two seasons. The big question is whether or not it’ll be able to keep pulling these numbers? I’ll be sure to give my opinion after I get a chance to see Episode 1. I don’t know how many detective dramas I’ll be able to stand in one season though.

Source: Yahoo.

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