Black President Episode 1 Impressions.

The new drama season for Spring this year is finally kicking off so I thought I’d start talking about my impressions for the dramas that I follow this season, the first of which is going to be a drama called Black President. You can read the original article I wrote about Black President here. Episode 1 aired last night and there weren’t any huge surprises but there was alottttt of dialogue. Black President is about the CEO of a massive fashion company in Japan who decides to try out going to university to re-learn management from the ground up.

Black President

The episode starts off with a lot of talk about the main character Yukio’s company buying an IT company so they can expand the online selling of their brand, this was prompted by their late entrance into the online market. There’s a meeting and a lot of talk from Yukio about his workers being nothing more than instruments, he actually likens them to pens. It’s very clear from the get go that Yukio is a one-man CEO, this is a very common term in Japan for CEOs that are extremely confident and always want things to go their way. They can’t handle compromise or giving the reins over to any one else in their company. There’s also some pretty big issues with the way Yukio’s company is being run because of this. Alot of his employees are, for example, working ridiculous overtime even by Japan’s standards and not being paid for it. A couple of these employees end up suing the company for trauma and to recover unpaid overtime.


The twist of this drama is the part about Yukio going to university. He’s almost twice the age of his peers at school and also has expansive knowledge about management from running his own company. He decides to join the film club at the university and has a pretty strange relationship with one of his lecturers too, who has wrote books about management but has never actually managed a company – she used to attend the university she teaches at so she has been there for a large portion of her life. Her and Yukio are like two opposite forces, one of theory and the practical application. It was pretty clear from the first episode that these two are going to clash a lot.


Black President

I think what makes this drama interesting is the contrasting between the way normal people think and the way that the main character thinks. He’s all about succeeding and he’ll do it at pretty much whatever the cost is. Most people who talk with him seem to think he’s strange, even his relatives. Watching this drama actually reminded me a lot of watching Rich Man Poor Woman because both dramas have main characters that are CEOs and are misunderstood by almost everybody who surrounds them in their daily lives. The main characters of both dramas aren’t very well-liked either because of their strange personalities and their extreme thirsts for success, they also both have some sort of strange love for cleaning robots. The first episode of Black President was pretty good, it also only ran for around 30 minutes which is probably just right time-wise for a drama(however, upon further research I found that there is also an hour long version of the first episode that wasn’t uploaded at the time). This drama will be airing every Tuesday on Fuji TV from 10pm so if you’re interested be sure to check it out.

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3 thoughts on “Black President Episode 1 Impressions.

  1. What you say makes me definitely interested in this drama. Indeed there is an analogy between its main character and Huga in Rich Man poor Woman. Now I hope for a subber…

    The average length for a drama is 45 min. However, first and/or last episodes are often 1 hour. I am speaking of normal evening dramas. The morning and late night ones probably have different rules.

    • I was considering subbing this drama the day I watched it but the amount of dialogue in it freaked me out haha. That was when I thought it was 30 minutes for 1000 lines of dialogue but then I found out the version I watched was a cut down to 30 minutes and the hour long version had 1000 lines of dialogue which is actually pretty reasonable. This drama would probably be pretty easy to sub but I’ll just wait on it and see if someone else throws their hat in.

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