Boa has a new look in Shout it Out.

I’ve always liked BoA, even from before when I started studying Japanese. She’s beautiful, talented and she has done quite a few collaborations with M-Flo which is probably my favourite Japanese music duo of all time. That’s how I first found out about her, when I watched the music video for one of her first collaborations with M-Flo called “Love Bug” which was part of the M-Flo “loves” generation of hits. Lately she has released a new song called “Shout it Out” and a music video with it after being off the radar for a little while. The song is great but BoA’s transformation is actually even more intriguing.

BoA was still a teenager when Love Bug was made, now she’s getting close to her 30s so you’d have to expect some changes in her appearance. I was reading a Japanese blog this morning that had some screenshots comparing her in the new video to a photo of her from about 10 years ago. There were also some pretty cruel comments from readers made about her “plastic surgery crumbling” and her “ageing terribly”. You can see the screenshots I’m talking about below for reference. The first photo is from when she was a teenager and the one below it is from the new music video for Shout it Out.

Old BoA

New BoA

To be honest she looks pretty hideous in the photo below. She looks around 40 years old in it despite being only 27 years old(28 in November this year). So I decided to watch the whole video and see just how accurate this one photo was in depicting her new look. You’re welcome to check it out above for yourself too if you want. Anyway to keep things short: It’s not accurate at all. Here are some more photos from the video that I picked where I thought she looked particularly beautiful.

Shout it Out

BoA new look

Boa Cute


BoA is still cute, in fact she’s beautiful. Yes she does look older but she also looks like more of an adult and has stronger sex appeal now because of it. I don’t understand how you can expect 10 years to pass and for somebody not to look different. Actually, it would probably be bigger news if there were somebody like that because there aren’t that many people on earth that age that gracefully. It also kind of amuses me that blogs will pick the most unflattering photo they can out of a music video and say “this is how they look now wow they’ve been hit with an ugly stick”. I think maybe this might be another thinly veiled attack by Japanese people on Korean people but I can’t say for sure. Either way I still respect and adore BoA, especially for her Japanese – or well language – skills. I suppose having things written about you on the internet is all just an unfortunate consequence of being famous.

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