Boku no Ita Jikan Episode 10.

Boku no Ita Jikan Episode 10

I know I’m a little bit late posting about Episode 10 for this series because it aired 2 nights ago but I’ve been kind of busy lately with other things(and subbing) so I didn’t really have the time to until right now. Wow, Episode 10 of this series was extremely moving. Not a lot actually happened in it, but the fact that the changes that occurred in it were so subtle was most likely a big part of why it felt so tragic. Everyone who is watching this series would know that Takuto’s condition has slowly been worsening through-out each episode. There were two consecutive episodes that were around a year a part so it was a little more extreme during those two. Since the last episode Takuto had started to have some small difficulties breathing, and in Episode 10 those issues got progressively worse. To the point where he had to go to his specialist again to discuss them.

And what’d the specialist say? That he should seriously start to consider getting an automatic-ventilator(breathing device). I don’t know much about ALS but as far as I understand it this is a very vital decision that has to be made by somebody who has the disease because after they get it put on they can’t get it taken out and it completely robs the patient of the ability to talk. You’re put in a situation(and this is what Takuto said he would be the most scared of) where you aren’t really able to properly communicate with the people around you. You can’t tell them how you’re feeling or tell them if you’re in a state of pain. All you can really do is blink and look at things because as the disease progresses eventually all your power to move through your own will is diminished.

Episode 10

So after talking with the doctor a few days later Takuto asks the rest of his family to come over and tells them that he doesn’t think he’s going to get the ventilator installed. They’re pretty shocked by it and tell him that he should get it installed because it would give him a lot more time to live. I thought that Takuto’s opinion would change about getting the ventilator after his friend Mr. Tamotsu died from not getting one but nothing seems to have changed yet about the way he’s thinking. Because I’m watching a TV show it’s pretty easy for me to want the character to keep battling and eventually triumph but when I thought about the situation later on in the night I realised that I don’t think I could personally live a life like that either. Not being able to talk, eat, move yourself or really communicate with anybody – in my opinion – wouldn’t be a life worth living. If I was in love with somebody and they wanted me to live for them, like the situation Takuto is in, it might change my mind but I’m not totally sure it would sway me.

Episode 10

At the end of the episode Takuto ended up disappearing with the bottle that him and Megumi put the messages into right at the start of the series. The scene where he falls off his wheel chair in the rain was also shown and Megumi was calling everyone that both of them knew trying to find out where he was. I have a feeling that he’s going back to the beach where they originally buried the messages but I’m not 100% confident. That’s where I would go if I was him and I took the bottle with me.

It surprised me watching the scene where he falls off because people just walk past him and ignore him despite the fact he’s obviously unable to move himself and has had an accident. Really weird. You would think him going outside in the rain without an umbrella and being in a wheelchair would attract attention to him in the first place because he was getting saturated but nobody around him said or did anything at all. Episode 11 is going to be the last episode for this series and the preview for it didn’t show any new scenes at all so I think they’re keeping it a tight secret. I can’t wait to see how this series ends, hopefully I’ll be smiling by the time the credits start rolling.

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7 thoughts on “Boku no Ita Jikan Episode 10.

  1. More likely you will be using up some tissues. This series simply cannot end well, since after all Takuto is going to die. I just hope they do it well.

    In Beautiful Life [Kimutaku, Tokiwa Takako, rating 31 +] Kyoko’s disease wasn’t as dire as ALS, but fatal anyway, and at the very end Shuji had picked up the pieces and come to terms with it, but it was still deeply sad. A very good drama, by the way, I highly recommend it.

  2. So you’re saying it’s worth watching? I kinda had enough of Haruma Miura dying in Koizora… But OK, I guess, I should give him a chance once more^^

    • Yeah this one is worth watching, I haven’t seen Koizora so I’m not too sure about that but I think he’s a pretty good actor. He’s at least playing this particular part very believably.

  3. Well, I just watched ep 11, and was reminded of what you said, to you that life with the respirator wouldn’t be worth living. I think in fact it’s not living, just existing. He is able to use a voice synthesizer, but of course there is a delay each time between what he is told and his response. He is entirely dependent on others.

    Megumi is of course admirable of dedication, but she doesn’t have a life either outside of taking care of him. What an existence! His mother wanted him to have one, but she isn’t there every day. I have helped take care of very ill close relatives I loved dearly, and I tell you honestly, no matter how devoted one is, it is very hard in the long run. At the eventual death of the person, you have a guilty feeling of relief.

    • I suppose there would still be some joy in living up until all of your muscles cease to work and you can’t even communicate fundamental feelings – or basically anything – to anybody any more. It would just be like a life of watching. Almost like just constantly having a TV on and sitting in front of it but I suppose people would still talk to you and interact with you. I’m sorry to hear about your loss and although I’ve never had to do the same thing I can imagine that it would get trying at times. I wonder how Steven Hawking feels about that kind of thing? I’m not sure what disease he actually has and I don’t think it’s ALS but it sounds like his mobility is severely restricted so maybe he’d have some kind of opinion about the argument.

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