Boku no Ita Jikan Episode 2: Recap.

Boku no Ita Jikan

When I watched the first Episode of Boku no Ita Jikan I thought that it was pretty interesting. Because it was good I watched Episode 2 last night and I thought that I’d continue writing about it, by posting a recap. The first post I made on this drama was more of a synopsis, but in this post I’m not going to talk to heavily about the story – I think I’ll just ramble a little about what I thought while watching it and how I feel about the plot developments and their progressions. Because I won’t be going to heavily into the story I don’t think they’re really be many big spoilers after the jump but if you absolutely want to know nothing new about the story and you haven’t watched Episode 2 yet maybe you should not click next.

In Episode 2 Takuto’s disease(ALS) is progressing rather rapidly. He doesn’t actually realise that it’s getting significantly bad until right at the end of the episode when he’s taking a shower and can’t move his hand. During the middle of the episode he does Google his symptoms and find a page on ALS but just ignores it saying “that’d never happen to me”. I’m sure this is how a lot of people end up with really bad diseases that progress to final stages, they see signs and just kind of ignore them. ALS wasn’t a big part of this episode apart from right at the end and in the middle, it does look like it will be dealt with pretty heavily in Episode 3 judging from the preview though. There were also a couple of flashbacks to the scene right at the start of Episode 1 where he’s carrying the bottle and falls off his wheelchair.

Boku no Ita Jikan

One thing that is really starting to piss me off in this drama is Takuto’s little brother. I don’t have siblings so I can’t say too much about having a brother, but I think if I had one anything like Takuto’s I would have punched the little cunt in the face more than once by now. He’s just a smug, stuck-up waste of space. I don’t know the name of the actor for this character but he is very, very good at acting – clearly enough to actually make me hate the guts of fictional person that he is playing. Episode 2 had frequent references to Takuto being neglected by his parents, and showed more of how they are channeling all their love and energy into the younger brother.

Boku no Ita Jikan

The younger brother also makes multiple remarks in this episode about Takuto’s new job being useless and how his own pursuit of becoming a doctor is so great. Takuto asks him during the episode why he wants to become a Doctor and his answer is basically that he doesn’t even know. This is all probably due to the fact that he was just brainwashed by their parents to become a doctor and take over their father’s clinic/hospital. Every time Takuto is insulted he just lets it slide which is something I admire and also despise about his character at the same time. I would love to have that kind of patience but would also find it very difficult to be walked all over by people so often.


Megu and Takuto also start dating in this episode – I don’t think anyone who watched Episode 1 couldn’t have seen this coming from a mile away. They have a little argument together too before they officially become a couple. Megu is still having big issues trying to find a job and at her part-time job she is being made to train a new full-time staff member who is a little clumsy. She complains about the new full-timer to Takuto and Takuto says that maybe she shouldn’t be so harsh, this is genuine advice because Takuto is being scolded pretty much daily at his new job by the person training him. Anyway, they have a fight then they make up then they fuck then they decide to date each other. I have difficulty understanding the way Megu’s character acts during her interviews in this episode. At the interviews she keeps getting asked why she hasn’t received any job offers yet from other companies in a sort of “if you can’t get job offers from other companies what use are you to us?” sort of fashion. If it was me personally I think I would just tell whoever is interviewing me to go fuck themselves and go home.

Boku no Ita JikanI remember there was one scene in Episode 1 where Takuto was being drilled by an interviewer and they ripped his resume up in front of him and said there was no value in interviewing him because he hadn’t received offers from any other companies and that he should go home. Again, if this happened to me I would probably have something to say back rather than just stutter and say I’m sorry. What are you sorry for? The fact that the person interviewing you is a huge fuckwit and has no grasp on proper manners? I talk to Japanese people almost daily but I still do not understand why they are so frantic about finding a job and this drama has only really compounded my confusion about all of it.

Ok well, that’s pretty much all I have to say about Episode 2 of Boku no Ita Jikan. Like I said in the first paragraph the next episode will probably being dealing with ALS and how Takuto spends the remaining months(or years?) he has left until the disease really starts kicking in and paralysing his body completely. I think the tone of this drama will change completely in the coming episodes.

2 thoughts on “Boku no Ita Jikan Episode 2: Recap.

  1. My impression of the younger brother is that he is what his parents have made him. His mother blatantly coddles him. Clearly Takuto has learned not to complain. I have also seen with my own eyes, that when there is blatant favoritism in a family, it doesn’t do much good to complain. People never realize they are doing it.

    Self restraint is the asset and the curse of the Japanese. Not that there aren’t similar cases in the west, but in America in particular it isn’t encouraged.

    At interviews, it does no good to lash back at a nasty guy. It will just give you a bad reputation. I learned to swallow my pride when I was working. You cannot talk back to some people. It does no good. Of course, that was a silly, petty gesture from that executive. I think that asking why a person hasn’t had any offers is silly. My answer would be that my value hasn’t been discovered yet, and I hope this company will see it.

    Do continue, I like your posts!

    • Yeah you’re completely right talking back at interviews is definitely not going to make your reputation better but I just plainly think that reacting somehow(not necessarily swearing at them) or standing up for yourself a little in this case might actually show that you have character and aren’t going to be walked all over. Kind of like how Takuto is just honest in his last interview and ends up getting the job because what he said was different than everybody else yet. If was on my 90th interview like the guy who committed suicide in Episode 1 I’d probably start trying different things rather than just reading the same template response over and over again. I was talking about this with one of my Japanese friends who owns his own company, Japanese people are very good at sticking to templates but really fail at being original. This is just a stereotype so I’m not saying all Japanese people are like that it’s just my perspective on it. Thanks for reading! I’ll definitely continue.

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