Boku no Ita Jikan Episode 6, thoughts.

Episode 6

I was really surprised about Episode 6 of Boku no Ita Jikan, mostly because Takuto’s attitude towards his sickness has totally changed. Episode 6 takes place around a year after where Episode 5 left off. Takuto can still walk really short distances slowly, but not enough to be able to survive without a wheelchair. He’s still working at the same company that he was before but the tasks he’s been given have changed drastically from when he first started working there. Now he mostly just does computer work that can all be performed with a mouse. He’s also keeping up regular contact with other ALS patients and he’s living a really positive and meaningful life in spite of all of it. Now I think about it Episode 6 actually focused a lot more on everyone else’s issues rather than Takuto.

Mamoru and Takuto are still good friends and they meet on a regular basis. Mamoru takes him to the park or shopping and stuff too. One day Takuto and Mamoru see some kids playing soccer together and for a split second Takuto looks kind of sad about it, probably because he can never play soccer again like used to now the ALS has progressed so far. Mamoru picks up on this and surprises him a few days later by taking him to a gymnasium where people in wheelchairs meet up to play wheelchair soccer and Takuto jumps on the idea. After his first day there he spends a lot of time practicing soccer in the new wheel chair, trying to get better at passing and kicking.

Boku no Ita Jikan

Rikuto on the other hand is not living a very happy life at all and the boys’ mother is hanging around the house a lot more now that Takuto has ALS(actually she’s pretty much living there now). Rikuto hasn’t been going to university for around 2 months at this point and just spends all day playing online computer games and wasting time. It seems like he’s in a pretty deep state of depression. This isn’t helped by the fact that his mother keeps persistently asking him why he doesn’t go to university and one day he reaches his limit and tells her that it’s her fault he’s become the way he has.

This is probably the climax to all the coddling that he received up until he quit university coupled with the fact that he had been doing exactly what his parents told him to – become a doctor and take over his father’s hospital. After making a scene he goes to Takuto for help the next day. He asks Takuto how he can be so happy even though he has such an awful disease. The both of them realise that Rikuto actually might have some sort of social disorder, because he has trouble understanding what he should and shouldn’t say to people which leads them to misunderstanding him a lot. This is why he wasn’t able to make any friends at university during his time there.

Episode 6

Megumi is living a pretty normal, happy life. She’s been dating Shige-senpai for the whole year that has passed and he keeps making a lot of hints to her and her mother that he wants to marry Megumi. He ends up renting a really wide apartment and takes Megumi there to show it to her, after she’s seen it he asks her to live with him there and then proposes to her. She says yes but you can in her eyes that she’s being held back a little bit by something. She has still been working as a carer all of this time and was recently offered a full-time contract, which she took. She’s also still caring for the same ALS patient who talks sometimes about a friend he made recently who also has ALS that is really good-looking and popular. Megumi isn’t able to draw the dots together at this point but one day Takuto invites the other patient to one of his soccer games.

Boku no Ita Jikan

Megumi takes the patient to the soccer game and she ends up seeing Takuto there and realises that he was the handsome, popular ALS-sufferer that the other patient had been talking about all along. She’s really, really shocked about this and Takuto is a little shocked about it too. They talk a little bit alone and Takuto lies to her saying the he found out he had ALS a while after they had broken up. He had met Shige-senpai earlier that week and been told about the proposal so he congratulates Megumi on getting married. The tension between them when they are talking is really awkward. Takuto seems to not really think that much of it but Megumi seems to be suffering pretty badly on the inside. Episode 6 finishes with a scene of her cleaning the floor of her new house and suddenly bawling her eyes out so I don’t think she’s over Takuto yet, or maybe she never will be.

I liked this drama before but I was a little bit concerned about how heart-breaking it would be. I know heart-breaking is something that comes with a disease like ALS but I’m happy that the writers have mixed it up a little and made Takuto’s character really positive. I think that maybe the rest of the drama will focus on the lost love between him and Megumi and also him helping other people around him to fix their lives and learn to live positively again. I don’t know how Shige-senpai will react to Takuto and Megumi getting close again though. Maybe it’ll lead to him and Takuto not being friends anymore? Or Shige-senpai giving some sort of ultimatum to Megumi not to meet Takuto anymore. Has anyone else seen Episode 6 yet? Please tell me what you thought of it in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Boku no Ita Jikan Episode 6, thoughts.

  1. I think that shige senpai is one of the biggest villains in the drama history ever! Even from the beginning of the series i realized how foxy he is. He has known that Megu is his friend’s beloved one but still he chooses to act on his feelings which i have zero respect for. And he shamelessly says that he is going to marry Megu to Takuto. I find Megu guilty, too. Why does she choose to move on by having a relationship with his ex-boyfriend’s friend? It is so cruel. They don’t deserve Takuto’s blessings, especially that backstabber senpai. I can’t stand him.

    P.S. By the way, thanks for the translations. You are the best 🙂

    • Yeah what he is doing is definitely under-handed. But I still kind of admire the fact that he at least has the decency to keep Takuto updated about what’s happening. Takuto was going to break up with her anyway so I think maybe he wanted her to atleast date somebody he felt he could trust to make her happy. I suppose up until now Megumi didn’t know why she got dumped my Takuto and maybe that’s what drove her into Shige-senpai’s arms. It’s obvious she’s just trying to bury her feelings for Takuto and isn’t succeeding. Instead she’s just drowning herself.

  2. Thanx..I think since you missed episode five you found it surprising how Takuto’s approach has changed all of a sudden. For me it was nothing like that.. After one year anyone would behave Takuto is one step ahead. He is gonna be an inspiration to people around him. The episode featured other’s emotions too but how Takuto accepts his life and the way he reacts to each situation was really inspirational. I witnessed endless emotions inside me. The best episode so far. After watching the episode sorry to say your write up I found really bland. Felt like reading a written update.

    • Yeah I agree it was definitely the best episode for the season so far. I can’t wait to see Episode 7 next week. Thanks for your comment.

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