Bokura wa Minna Shindeiru(Episode 1, Episode 2).

I’ve found another drama that doesn’t seem like it will get very popular but is also pretty fun to watch at the same time. It’s called “Bokura wa Minna Shindeiru“, a TBS drama that started airing a couple of weeks ago on Tuesday nights(technically Wednesday mornings). It doesn’t really have any huge names in it, it does have some actors that I recognize though including Aran Shirahama, KENICHI and Arisu Hirose. The storyline is really basic, all the characters have died somehow. They all have different reasons for dying, Shirahama’s character overdosed on some kind of drug and Hirose’s character committed suicide . KENICHI’s character actually can’t remember why he died or who he was before he died. Anyway, they all have their own separate reasons for why they passed away and are all gathered together in a movie theatre to start with.

And they end up gathered together because God(or at least a creature who says he is ‘God’) wants to play a game with them. To start off there is 4 men and 3 women, God tells them that if any of them fall in love and become a couple those two people will be resurrected and able to return to their former lives. Everyone else will, of course, disappear. After they leave the movie theatre God sent them into originally they find out that he has pretty much constructed an apartment for them to live in while the game is going. Each person has their own separate room that reflects their personality in some way. It’s very reality TV/Big Brother-esque. All the members have various trials that the have to face and they also clash with each other a bit. God also plays a lot of different pranks on them. He’ll just suddenly decide to add new members to the game sometimes. Or for example, one couple have sex when they’re drunk and try to convince God that they’re in love with each other so they can win the game. God catches on to this an almost throws them into a black hole but they’re saved at the last minute by another player.

I don’t think a huge amount of money went into producing Bokura wa Minna Shindeiru and like I said in the first paragraph the cast isn’t stellar but it’s still a solid drama. There’s more and more dramas these days that have huge amounts of money thrown at them but still end up being extremely disappointing anyway so sometimes it’s good to take some time out and watch something that you don’t have to be completely focused on to enjoy. If you’re interested in something like that I recommend this drama.

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6 thoughts on “Bokura wa Minna Shindeiru(Episode 1, Episode 2).

    • The chances aren’t 0 but they’re very small. I’m already definitely going to be doing HERO so unless I find that HERO is a pushover probably not.

  1. I really wish you can sub this drama…
    because I think there’s no one will sub this…
    Actually I’ve watched some part of this drama last year *because it’s originally a smatphone drama*
    so it’s hard to find the subtitle even in japanese…

    even this drama is a little weird, but still recommended to watch~ :3

  2. Darn was hoping you’d be subbing this drama as well this is actually the only show I want to watch this season

  3. i really wish you can sub this drama.. i’ve already downloaded the first three episodes thinking it might get subbed in a few days. apparently, it’s not popular enough to get subbed. but like you’ve said, i think this is a solid drama.

  4. This drama sounds so interesting, but I don’t think anyone is planning to sub it and my Japanese skills are basically nonexistent :'( I love how the storyline is so unique though, plus I actually like the 2 main actresses in the drama (at least I assume they’re the main girls)

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