BORDER Episode 3[English].

Hey guys, long time no blog. It’s probably been a week or so since I last updated but that’s just because I’ve had assignments and other stuff keeping me pre-occupied for the last few days. I’ll probably be tied up for the next week or so but once I finish them I’m just going to pretty much forget about school until it gets close to finals(why did I even go to university in the first place?). I did find the time to do the subtitles for BORDER Episode 3 though and no matter how busy I get I’ll always deliver on subtitles for the drama. I don’t want what happened with Glass no Ie to happen again with this series. Okay, just hit the jump to get the subtitles.

I do apologize for being a day or so late with this one. Even so 3 days after the broadcast is still pretty good, right? Anyway here’s the usual terms:Β Don’t post my subtitles anywhere without my permission. A day might come where they’re harder to get so at least be polite now. If you wanna link to my blog or re-translate my subtitles into another language you don’t need my permission, you’re free to do it. Information about raws can be found atΒ J-Drama City. I hope you enjoy Episode 3 of BORDER.


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37 thoughts on “BORDER Episode 3[English].

  1. I know how hard subbing (translating & timing) can be and since you are doing it alone in this speed amazes me. Thank you for subbing this drama series much appreciated. btw ailahai is right no need to apologize since you are doing it free. πŸ˜€

  2. btw if you still interested in subbing not so popular drama im wondering if you willing to sub White Lab with Kitamura Kazuki?i don’t see anyone is subbing the drama or maybe i don’t know who already announce it?

  3. You are one of the fastest subber I’ve seen. So no need to apologize because you are already faster than many people out there ; ). I hope you can keep up your work and finish the series until the end ; ).

    Thank you so much =P.

  4. Thanks for continuing this!

    Yes, White Lab and/or Black President sound interesting, but I think you probably wouldn’t have the time to do either on top of subbing Border.

  5. don’t even sweat about it being “late” ! thank you so much for translating/subbing this show for all of us to enjoy πŸ™‚ <3

  6. Thank you once again for the subs for a great series…..they are well worth the wait.
    Some J-doramas I’ve waited [and I’m still waiting] for years before discovering fansubbed sites.

  7. indeed, long time no blog! I was wondering what happened. πŸ™‚ RL has a tendency to do that, doesn’t it? we all know the feeling…

    thanks for another installment of Border. it’s greatly appreciated. now if only someone would be interested enough in subbing White Lab (no, this is not a suggestion for you to do this concurrently with Border, just wishful thinking in general…) *grin*

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