New BS Premium Drama “Hondana Shokudou”.

There was some pretty interesting drama news out this morning on Oricon. Apparently there’s going to be a new drama coming out called “Hondana Shokudou”, starting from 18 August. It’ll be airing on NHK/BS Premium and the main characters are going to be played by Aoi Nakamura and Tokio Emoto. Their characters are two popular Shojo manga artists who use cooking as a way to escape from reality. By reality, I mean pressing deadlines for their next manga release and the demon-like editor who is in charge of them. All of the cooking is going to be re-created from novels, essays and manga found in the main characters’ house(they’re both really big on cooking). Emoto and Nakamura have worked together quite a few times now on different things, including Yae no Sakura and Zainin no Uso. When asked for comment about working together again, they both said that they were relieved and thought there would be absolutely no problems at all.

This looks like it’s going to be a good, light-hearted drama for August. It probably won’t be too popular(it is on BS Premium after all) but I think that cooking is a theme that is a little bit under-played in dramas. I can’t think of a lot that step on the theme, much less ones where the main character has a totally different profession and neglects it to cook. That’ll definitely make things pretty interesting. It should also be good to see Nakamura and Emoto in something together again. Has anyone else heard about this drama yet? I think it was announced pretty recently.

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  1. I hadn’t heard anything, but I have been a tad out of the loop recently.

    However, I remember “Hungry!” in 2012, with Mukai Osamu. He was a rock band musician who became a chef, and ran his own little restaurant, with some of the guys from the band helping. And there was [and is again] “Nobunaga no Chef”. Of course in that the chef is only a chef.

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