Car-washing service in Akihabara.

Car Washing Akiba

So this isn’t really anime news or anything but I saw it and couldn’t believe my eyes. Apparently at a warehouse-area close to Akihabara you can pay to have your car washed by two girls in Japanese high school swim suits. They wash the car off, clean it with sponges, wax your tires etc. All together the process takes around 20 minutes. While the car is being washed customers are told to just “stand back and enjoy the scenery”. During the car washing photography is banned but after the car is washed there is time allotted for photography of the car including the girls. You also get some kind of certificate at the end of all of it. So how much does this wonderful service cost altogether? They do one car for 10 000 yen(around $100 USD). I wonder how much money they’re making doing this? I wonder if this kind of service will take off and competition will become fierce? I imagine maid cafes started in the same sort of way. Anyway keep reading if you want to see more photos of the car washing.

This is probably the kind of thing I’d just do once for the fun of it. I’ve been to a maid cafe before and while it was interesting as an ‘experience’, it wasn’t that great? I mean for starters I’m not the sort of person who would pay just to talk to girls so by the same logic I’d find it kind of hard to justify spending almost $100 on getting my car-washed by cute girls in swim suits. Each to their own I guess. Anyway enjoy the photos!

Car Wash 1

Car Wash 2

Car Wash 3

Car Wash 4

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