Check out this video for the new drama BORDER.

I just finished writing about BORDERLESS and that reminded me about BORDER, a new drama for next season that Shun Oguri is going to be acting in and that I’m very excited for. I actually found a new promotional video for the “BORDER Project” a couple of days ago when I did a quick YouTube search for TV commercials for BORDER. You can watch it above if you have the time. This preview has made me even more excited to see this new series. It looks like BORDER is going to not just be a single, on-off drama but also a comic and a novel each with their own unique characteristics.The video basically just talks about how Shun Oguri will be playing…

A detective called Ishikawa who got shot in the head during an incident and was saved miraculously by the position the bullet lodged in. The bullet is still in his brain because removing it is an operation that would take extreme care, so he has to live with it for the time being. The catch is that because the bullet is lodged in his brain and he’s “half-dead” as it were, he can now communicate with the spirits of the dead.  There’s also a small mention in the video that the scriptwriter had Oguri in mind when writing the script so it sounds like this drama has almost been made for Oguri. I really would like to take this drama on when I finish Watashi no Kirai na Tantei but it looks like it will be hugely popular so there’s almost no doubt in my mind a huge team of subbers will snatch it up before I have a chance. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how things pan out.

Video: YouTube

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