A commercial is out for the new season of HERO.

This morning I was doing some searching and I managed to find a CM for the new season of HERO, it says that the drama is going to be starting from the 14th of next month which is going to be a Monday. I’ve gotta say that it almost feels like nothing has changed at all from the original series(at least judging from the new commercial). When information first came out about the new season, a lot of Japanese people I talked to about it were whining about how Takako Matsu would not be appearing. There was also a little bit of backlash about a lot of the other popular characters from the first season not appearing either, like Abe Hiroshi or Nene Otsuka. When I first heard about this I was also kind of a little bit worried about what would happen to the new season but I thought that it’d be best to keep an open mind about things. Seeing this video has made me realise that there is absolutely nothing to worry about at all.

If you have some time you can watch the video above. There’s even a small Gokuaku Ganbo joke stuffed in there too. When Kuryuu and Kanzaki are in the elevator:

Kuryuu: “Gokuaku Ganbo is a drama right?”

Kanzaki: “Well…Yeah…”

Kuryuu: “There was a lot of shifty stuff in there. If you actually did it you’d get caught.”

Kanzaki: “Yeah I know.”

Kuryuu: “Ok good. Ganbo jyanou~. Good morning!”

Kanzaki: “HERO!?”

Watching this video has made me so excited for the new series. I’m gunna find it hard to even wait two weeks to finally watch it. I think since I found the video 15 minutes ago I’ve played it over ten times. I’m glad they didn’t change the theme music either. For new characters at the prosecution office we’ve got: Tetta Sugimoto(Kenji), Gaku Hamada(Kenji), You Yoshida(Kenji), Bokuzo Masana(Jimukan), Keiko Kitagawa(Jimukan) and Yutaka Matsushige(Buchou/Kenji). Takuzo Kadono’s character has upgraded to Jiseki Kenji. Norito Yashima and Fumiyo Kohinata(probably the most likeable supporting characters from season 1) are both returning. I think Tetta Sugimoto in particular will make a pretty interesting prosecutor, his acting was great in Inpei Sousa. Anyway, if you have anything to say about the video yourself please comment below.

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5 thoughts on “A commercial is out for the new season of HERO.

  1. Yaaay, the bartender is there again too ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Mr, Jordau, you made me smile from the very morning!
    And Kuryu has the same hairstyle as he did 13 yrs ago! (tbh, I was hoping for the Hero SP hair, but I guess, I should not complain, hahahaha).

    I wonder, what happened to his brown, puffy jacket – I hope, he did not keep it through all these years!
    I’m so happy to see Kohinata Fumiyo – I like this actor very much, and here, his character was always one of my favourite!
    Good luck to Kitagawa san – she’s likely to get some hard time from the viewers being the succesor of Matsu Takako. Anyway, I am happy and waiting for this show impatiently!

  2. Nice video. I agree, where is the brown jacket? I hope it appears at some point. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Definitely looking forward to this one!

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