Crazed Karen Iwata fan sues AKB.

Karen Iwata

Last year in October an Otaku fan attended an AKB meet and greet event and tried to make a marriage proposal to AKB member Karen Iwata at her booth. After being rejected the fan decided to file a court case against the company that manages AKB. You can view an image of part of the actual paperwork that was filed here(in Japanese). There are quite a lot of humorous lines in it, and the claims have obviously been made by what you could only classify as a crazed fan. My favourite out all all four paragraphs in the paperwork is the one that describes that the claimant was sending Iwata fan letters pretty much “every single day”.

The paperwork also talks about the meet and greet incident in detail. The fan(who still hasn’t be named) went to Iwata’s lane and when he got to the front said to her(knowing all too well that his chances of rejection were high) “It can be 8 or even 10 years from now but…will you please marry me?”. Iwata responded to this by saying “Will you stop saying those kind of things…It’s a nuisance…” and ended the meet and greet with the fan after which he was forced out of the lane.

I don’t really understand what goes on in the mind of idol fans. I don’t really listen to AKB much but I don’t mind their music, it’s pretty good. That being said, no matter how cute a girl in an idol group is I could never justify supporting her or her idol group by buying T-Shirts and propaganda or going to meet and greets or that kind of stuff. I understand not wanting to be treated like trash by famous people(especially ones you adore) but you really should expect that kind of reaction if you’re going to go around asking them to marry you.

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