Crime in Japan pt. 2: University Student smashes a Lawson.

Ok so here’s another interesting Japanese crime story. No he didn’t break the whole store I just wasn’t sure what else to write. On 8/6 in Hyogo, Japan at around 5am a post-graduate university student kicked and shattered the glass on the door of a Lawson convenience store. He ran from the scene and one of the employees called the police(the number is actually 110 in Japan for future reference). The police rushed to the scene and found the culprit in another street not far from the Lawson, sitting with a lot of blood coming out of his leg. At the time he was apparently quite drunk. As drunk as you are, what was he thinking? It’s even funnier that he couldn’t make a good effort at running away because he injured his leg so badly. I think it’s even funnier that when I found this article on Amaebi and read the comments some say stuff like “I bet he was Japan-born Korean”. I wonder if he was expecting the glass to break perfectly like it would have if he were an actor in a drama. Oh yeah I forgot to mention – he was arrested.

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