Cross-dressing Maid Cafe in Japan.

So I’m sure everybody reading this blog knows about Maid Cafes in Japan, right? For those who don’t, it’s a kind of Cafe you can go to in Japan where all the girls are dressed in cute Maid outfits. You pay what I would call a Maid Cafe tax(it’s more expensive than a normal cafe) for the atmosphere, and they will occasionally talk to you and interact with you during the time you’re there. Well here’s a new spin on the concept: a Cross-Dressing Maid Cafe. Huh? You need a better explanation? Well keep reading and I’ll give you ALLLLL the details.

Last night I was praying to Japan that there would be something interesting for me to write about this morning and my prayers were answered during my morning rounds of my favourite Japanese Matome sites. I found a story about a new Maid Cafe that has opened recently in Japan. It’s not your traditional Maid Cafe because all the employees are men who are just cross-dressing as girls. Not real girls. Mind blowing, huh? I mean I’ve heard of Butler Cafes(below), and they are still barely in the realms of imaginable…

Japanese Butler Cafe

but a Cross-dressing Maid Cafe? Are you addicted to crack? Who thought this up? Just where in Japan is there demand for this kind of service? My mind has been boggled. The cafe is called NEWTYPE: Otoko no Ko Cafe(NEWTYPE: 男の娘カフェ), or roughly in English the “NEWTYPE: The Girly Guy’s Cafe” and it is situated in Tokyo’s Akihabara District(I mean where else would it be?). If you’re more of a visual learner go ahead and watch the video attached to the start of the post, right at the top. If you don’t understand Japanese you can turn the English subtitles on. Here are a few images from the video if you’re not a visual person and you can’t be bothered watching it.

Cross-dresser Maid Cafe

Cross-dressing Japanese Maid

Cute Crossdressing Maid

I know what you’re probably thinking right – “Wow he’s cute!”. Well yeah, let’s face it he is pretty cute and if he didn’t tell me he was a guy there is no way I would have caught on to it. He’s girly right down to the way he talks and the high-pitch of his voice. Even hand movements and stuff. Totally seamless. Watching him in the walk-in video of the cafe reminded me again of why I don’t ever want to go to Thailand. No, I don’t hate Thailand I just am not interested in being scammed by a very convincing cross-dresser(because trust me, there are some very convincing ones – my cousin in Thailand has proven this to me time and time again). Now I’m gunna have to get to the bad news now guys, this is the only employee of the cafe that makes a convincing girl. The rest are all very obviously male, enough so that you would know with in half a second of seeing their faces.

Not Girly Japanese Maid

Not Very Girly Japanese Maid

Kind of Girly Japanese Maid

The Cross Dressing Maids

I guess the last one is kind of cute? A little? Not at all? Okay. Nevermind. In the video they talk about how most of their customers are female and how they think that it’s because girls find it easy to talk to them due to shared interests(make-up, things like that) which I suppose to some extent could be true. The video also claims that none of them have undergone any surgery to actually become female. Most of them are actually straight. They discuss in the video about how cross-dressing has surprisingly made them more popular with girls. You can even see one of them making a move on one of the female customers in it. This cafe is a first in Akihabara so only time can tell whether it survives or not but if popularity catches on for these sort of cafes maybe I’ll go visit one when I get back to Japan and post a report about it. After all, experiences make us richer people on the inside!

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