Damn, Rola has gotten fat.

She got BIgggggg

Who knows who Rola is? She’s this TV star in Japan who’s only like a quarter Japanese or something. She’s famous over there for being cute or just pretty much acting like an idiot in general on television and receiving ludicrous amounts of money for it in the process. She does some modelling on the side too(which I think is supposed to be her main career). Most Japanese people I talk to about her like her but a lot of the Non-Japanese people I talk to about her hate her. I personally want to marry her. So you can imagine my horror when I opened up my computer today and saw news about her gaining some weight.

Okay, no she is not obese. She’s not really even fat per say. She’s just become a lot more meaty than she originally was so I think it all might just be a matter of comparison coupled with the fact that the Japanese image of ‘fat’ is hopelessly distorted. Either way I’ve prepared two photos below so you can be the judge yourself. The first one is pretty much classic Rola and would have been taken around a year or two ago. The second is the offending image I found on a Japanese site this morning which I’m guessing was taken within the last few days. By the way Rola is half Bangladeshi, one quarter Russian and one quarter Japanese incase you were wondering.


New Rola She just does not really look like herself in the second image. Apart from having obviously gained some weight she also looks really tired or stressed out or something. I don’t know what the deal is but it’s the total opposite of the image that she sells so it’s probably not good for her career either way. God I hope she’s okay. I couldn’t imagine a Japan without Rola, or one where Rola isn’t Rola anymore.

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4 thoughts on “Damn, Rola has gotten fat.

    • Yeah one of my friend showed me that photo too. She doesn’t look fat in it, but she does look less skinny than she used to.

  1. She’s still not skinny enough in that photo above?! Damn. How skinny do you want her to get! That said, I was shocked to see her in that size in the photo in the car.

    FYI, people appear about 30% chubbier than they actually are in RL. Can you imagine how skinny she’s gotta be if she’s already that skinny on screen?

    • I want her so skinny that she is almost dying from malnutrition.

      Nah not really this was just the news that interested me the most on that particular day and I went with it. I’m not trying to say she’s actually fat I just doubted people would read it if it said “Rola looks less skinny than before”. She’s not fat. I still love her.

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