Dan Mitsu goes Gaga.

Yesterday at an fashion event held at the Saitama Super Arena Dan Mitsu appeared wearing a number designed by Lady Gaga’s stylist Nicola Formichetti. The actual event that was held was the 17th “Tokyo Girls Collection”. The dress was pretty revealing(YES!) and in particular showed off the back and sides of the Dan Mitsu’s upper-body.  I didn’t know Dan Mitsu was so into fashion? I mean I knew she acted and that she was a gravure model but ACTUAL modelling? And at that FASHION modelling? Apparently this is the first time that she’s appeared at this event too. When she appeared on stage there were some pretty welcoming cries from the crowd too. Let’s hope she’s planning on going again next year. Oh yeah, the pictures were pretty long so keep reading to see a couple of them. Leaving it just to my explanation is kind of boring, right?

Dan Mitsu Gaga 1

Dan Mitsu Gaga 2


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