Dark System Koi no Ouza Ketteisen Impressions.

Dark System Koi no Ouza Ketteisen

Has anybody else watched Dark System Koi no Ouza Ketteisen yet? I watched Episode 1 last week and then made a failed attempt at watching Episode 2 of it last night. I just have absolutely no idea what is going on with the plot. There are some funny parts but over all its just a very confusing drama. At the moment its airing  on TBS every Monday night(or early Tuesday morning). It’s really weird because there are some reasonably big names appearing in it, among them is Itsuji Itao from Kazoku Game and Hikaru Yaotome from Hey! Say! JUMP. Anyway keep reading for some brief details.

In this drama there are two guys that are friends with each other, one is called Kagami(Hikaru Yaotome) and the other is called Saionji(Tomohisa Yuge). Both of them aren’t very popular with girls but one day Kagami decides that he is going to ask out a girl he likes named Yuri(Tina Tamashiro). He finds out that Saionji actually likes her too so they decide to become rivals and fight for her love. Seems pretty normal so far, right?

Dark System Koi no Ouza Ketteisen

A few days pass and Kagami finds out that Saionji and Yuri are dating each other. He has no idea how Saionji won her heart but assumes that he used some kind of underhanded tactic to do it. At first he thinks that maybe he should be happy for the two of them but then realises that the girl he liked was “stolen” from him. He figures that any couple has an achilles heel that can be used to break them up so he decides to try and find Saonji and Yuri’s. He starts studying a lot and ends up building a DIY helicopter robot/stealth listening device that he calls a “Saionji Crusher” and plants it in Saonji’s house.

He listens to the conversations Saionji and Yuri have every single day try to find something he can use against Saionji. In Episode 2 while using the listening device Kagami finds out that Saionji is actually evil. He meets Yuri and tries to tell her about it but she won’t listen to him. She ends up going to Saionji’s house to investigate and while she’s doing so Saionji finds her and captures her. Kagami finds out that she has been captured and rushes to her rescue. And that’s pretty much as far as I watched.


Don’t get me wrong this drama isn’t horrible. There are some pretty funny parts in it because it’s a mix between drama and comedy(well mostly comedy I guess?). That being said the humour in it is really, really corny. You might have to think twice about the jokes and the actual plot of the drama(which is really half-assed) is very difficult to follow. If you want to watch something quirky and funny look no further, if you want to watch actual drama maybe you should think twice about this one or give it a miss. I doubt any subbing team will pick this one up anyway so unless you know Japanese it’s pretty much off limits. If you’ve watched it yourself please leave a comment below and tell me what you thought, I’d love to know.

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2 thoughts on “Dark System Koi no Ouza Ketteisen Impressions.

  1. where did you find episode 1 & 2? I wanna watch it, but can’t seem to find any uploaded. reply me here, or post link please. tnx 🙂

    • I can’t post the links here but if you just search ドラマまとめ in Japanese Google dozens of sites that have links to free raw drama episodes will come up. (I’m pretty sure if you search Banimation on DailyMotion you’ll find a lot too)

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