Dewi Fujin slapping update.

Like I said yesterday, I’ll try and keep making updates about this incident as it happens. Yesterday Fujin made a comment about the incident where she slapped another cast member during the recording of “Okusama wa Monster 2” in September of last year, while being interviewed at Keiko Awaji’s funeral. Fujin has accepted that the incident happened but says that it’s “not really a big deal” and that everyone shouldn’t be making such a “big fuss about it”.

She also said that the problem will be easily resolved by just “sitting down and talking together”with the victim. There’s a lot of speculation that this comment means that Fujin will just pay her way out of trouble. There’s no doubt that she’d have the financial power to do so. I can also see a lot of comments on news websites saying that Fujin’s conduct was inappropriate and a lot of people are criticising her for getting physical and losing her temper. I can also see a lot of people saying that what happened was 90% TBS’s fault for asking the cast member who got slapped to act “like a bitch” during recording.


I would personally have to agree with all of this mostly being TBS’s fault, this is what happens when you try to spice things up to get ratings. Maybe if you made more interesting programmes in the first place you wouldn’t have to resort to these kinds of tactics. Anyway I’ll be writing more about this if there are any other developments.

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