Dewi Fujin slaps TV show cast member.

During the recording of a TV show Dewi Fujin(73, also known as Dewi Sukarno) slapped a fellow female cast member(33) 3 times. The TV show being recorded was called “Okusama wa Monster 2” or roughly in English “My Wife’s a Monster 2” and it was recorded way back in September of last year. Apparently the victim didn’t appreciate it very much either because she pressed charges with the Japanese police over the incident.

According to a comment made by the woman that was slapped she was told before the show started by staff to try and “make things interesting” and “act like a bitch”. Apparently she followed these cues and started saying a lot of rude things on the set and I can only guess this is what lead Fujin to slapping her chops. The TV show was broadcasted on the 15th of this month but editors purposely took the scene out of the cut. The police have also said that they will be seriously investigated the incident and Fujin might actually be charged with some kind of violence crime.


Most people who have seen Fujin on TV would know that she doesn’t take shit from anybody so I can’t really say I’m surprised by this in the least. I wonder how much the cast member in question got paid to do this show? Probably can’t have been worth being slapped 3 times by someone famous in front of a bunch of other famous people. Maybe she’ll be able to get some more cash out of all of it by starting some kind of civil suit against Fujin for battery. I’ll post more updates on this as they come.

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