Disorder 6 Demo confirmed.

Disorder 6 Top

Yesterday 5.pb/Division Zero announced that from the 8th of this month they will be releasing demos for Disorder 6, a new game that they are planning to release on 22/8(in Japan of course) for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. In the demo you can play the through the games entire first chapter, that’s not bad for a demo. If you keep reading I’ve included a translation of the first chapter’s synopsis and some screenshots of the game. It’s all looking very mysterious.

You awake in a warehouse, with your right hand clasped by some hefty handcuffs. The person you’re attached to is a mysterious girl who is chained by her left hand. She call you “Joe” but you have no memory of anything relating to that. Or rather, no memory of anything at all. You rush around together trying to find an exit, but instead you discover the dead body of a woman in medical clothes…

Disorder 6 1

Disorder 6 2

Disorder 6 3

Disorder 6 4

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