New Drama Onna Rule, Episode 1.

Onna Rule

So the new seasons for dramas has officially kicked off, the other night the first episode of  a new drama called Onna Rule aired. It’s on Nihon Terebi and it’s got a late Saturday-night time slot(technically Sunday). Onna Rule is a bit different to a typical drama, it runs for the standard 45 minutes or so that a drama usually does but it’s cut down into little episodes that go for around 10 minutes each. According to the official website there are 50 (mini) episodes in total and if last night was an indication of what’s to come you’ll see around 5 in each broadcast. But what about the actual plot?

Okay, I don’t think that I’ve ever watched an entire episode of Sex and the City before. I don’t think that I ever want to either but if Sex and the City were set in Japan this series is what I imagine it would be like. The story follows 5 Japanese women with ages ranging from mid-20s to early 30s. They all live in the same apartment building and they gather in the bar/cafe on the 1st floor together(one of them actually works there) called ‘Cadle’, to have typical girl talks together. You also see some scenes of them doing stuff outside of the cafe in their own personal lives but it always relates to what ever the theme of that mini episode is.


Some of the themes from the first episode were actually pretty funny. Among my favourites is what each of the girls considered to be ‘cheating’. This is a pretty controversial subject in itself and some of their answers actually surprised me, especially when one of them said that they don’t think anything of cheating and that they didn’t mind what their boyfriends did. I’m pretty sure another one of them said that they thought the line was actually having sex with somebody. One more said that just holding hands or going on a date was cheating to them. This of course all tied back into the main issue of whether or not it’s okay to check your boyfriend’s cellphone without his permission(if you’re a girl and you’re reading this please don’t do this, trust me we don’t appreciate it). I was under the impression that everyone thought cheating was doing anything intimate with a person that isn’t your partner? I thought that would be a pretty universal value but I guess maybe I was wrong.

Onna Rule

Another good one was the episode that talked about the importance of not having sex with a guy you’ve basically only just met. One of the girls meets a really handsome businessman while she’s working at her part-time job. The businessman invites her over to his place to watch the movie he got from her work together. She goes over, they have sex and she pretty much falls in love with him and he says that he’ll call her but never does. The rest of the girls try their best to convince her that he’s bad news and that she won’t be getting a call from him because it was just a one time thing. She doesn’t believe them and ends up learning the hard way that he was only after quick sex from her.


I’m not actually sure that I would have watched the first episode of this drama all of the way through if it were in English. Like I said I’ve never been interested in Sex and the City and I just don’t really like sitcoms in general. While some of the themes made me chuckle, I found others to just be useless and stupid(hence why I didn’t discuss them here). They were the kind of topics I actually overhear people talking about in real life, that make me want to put headphones on or just move seats. That being said, if you like sitcoms or you generally just like listening to girl-talk this might be for you.

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