My Drama Recommendation: Watashi no Host-chan S.

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted about anything drama related so I thought I might talk about something that I’ve been watching lately and really enjoying. It’s a (sort of) drama called Watashi no Host-chan S that’s being uploaded on the internet. They’re all short 20 minute episodes and you can watch them on YouTube because the company holding the copyright to them has uploaded all of them on there. The story is pretty simple, there’s a fashion model in Japan called Hana Imai and she ends up becoming the owner of a host club. She becomes the owner because one of her relatives, who used to own the club, became unwell. Read on for more.

Hana Imai

So what you have in this show from Episode 1 is:

  • A Japanese star
  • A Host Club
  • 2 waiters
  • 0 hosts

The storyline is pretty simple, Hana has to gather hosts for her host club so she can open it. To start with there’s two pro hosts floating around the area her club is in. One is a former host who works at the flower store next to her host club, Kageki, and the other is a top class host that is on hiatus, Ryusei. There’s also the owner of a rival host called named Ama-ou who pops in and out from time to time and he’s hot headed beyond belief. Ama-ou tries to buy Ryusei out to work at his club but he ends up working at Hana’s instead and becomes the first host for her club. Kageki has a past issue that’s holding him back from being a host again but he’s making appearances at the host club all the time so I’m guessing he’ll end up working there too. There’s also two other rookie hosts that Hana ends up hiring during Episodes 3 & 4, one is 2013’s Mr. Japan and the other is a fashion model named Usuke Devil.


It’s really hard to call this series a drama because although it is very obviously fictional it’s set up like a documentary and there are camera staff always asking questions in between dialogue. There’s also a really big comedy element mixed in and I probably laugh the most when the rival host club owner Ama-ou appears out of nowhere and kind of shouts profanities aimlessly at Hana and her hosts saying he hopes their club goes bust and that they’re too optimistic about running a host club. It’s especially funny because Ama-ou and the two waiters of Hana’s host club all speak with an accent(I’m pretty sure they’re all from Kansai) and there are some really hilarious scenes where they’re up in each others faces to the point where what they’re saying makes no sense any more. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a Japanese TV show.


The big issue with me recommending this series(and trust me, I really want everyone to watch it) is that there’s actually no subtitles for it. I don’t think this series is even that popular in Japan, let alone the west. From memory there was another show produced by the same company last season but it had girls working at a host club instead of men – but they dressed like men. It was really confusing but it was pretty hilarious as well. Anyway if you understand Japanese even a little I highly recommend this series. It’d also be great for people who are still studying Japanese and don’t understand a lot because all the dialogue is subtitled in Japanese, that’s why it’s so documentary-like. If you’ve watched this series or you’ve been curious about it please comment below and tell me what you think, I’m all ears. The series is up to Episode 6 now so I don’t think it’ll have too many more episodes.

By the way, because it’s uploaded on YouTube the quality and speed of the stream is absolutely amazing. If only all drama was this easy to watch.

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