New Drama Roosevelt Game reeks of Hanzawa Naoki.

Roosevelt Game

When Inpei Sousa first came out I made a post talking about how I thought it was surprisingly similar to a drama that was a hit two seasons ago called Hanzawa Naoki. Admittedly I changed my mind again after watching the drama for longer. Apparently Inpei Sousa isn’t going to be the only drama this year that takes some cues from Hanzawa Naoki, because there’s a new drama coming out next season(Spring) on TBS called Roosevelt Game that is going to get the exact same time-slot that Hanzawa Naoki had. Roosevelt Game is going to be based off a novel by popular author Jun Ikeido, who also happens to be the author of Hanzawa Naoki. Wow Jun Ikeido is in a boom at the moment. But those aren’t the only two similar things about the two dramas. Read on for more details.

Toshiaki Karasawa will be playing the lead role in Roosevelt Game, and it will be a story about a company that is on the verge of going bankrupt but makes a miraculous recovery. The drama will also be featuring Rei Dan, Rakugo performer Danjun Tatekawa and Yosuke Eguchi. A lot of the cast from Hanzawa Naoki is also going to be recycled too. Kanji Ishimaru, who played the Bank Branch Manager Asano in Hanzawa Naoki, will also be appearing. So will the desk-banging Vice Branch Manager Yasuhito Hida and actor who played the tablet-addict, statistic-nut character. There are also rumours that Teruyuki Kagawa, who will also be appearing in MOZU next season and played Owada Jyoumu in Hanzawa Naoki, will pop in too.

Like the title of this post says the drama absolutely reeks of Hanzawa Naoki. But is that really such a bad thing? In the articles I read a lot of commentators talked about the drama as if it were going to fail from the start due to it being so similar to Hanzawa Naoki. I don’t really think that’s going to be a big issue personally. I think that they are using a lot of the same actors from Hanzawa Naoki because they are genuinely good actors, Hanzawa Naoki was really just a vessel to prove that. I also don’t think you can help there being similarities if the author is the same, most authors are really good at writing one style of novel and that’s what they spend the rest of their career writing. It’s just like how some authors specialise in mysteries or science fiction. Whatever happens I’ll definitely be giving Roosevelt Game the chance it deserves and I hope everyone else who liked Hanzawa Naoki will do the same.

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3 thoughts on “New Drama Roosevelt Game reeks of Hanzawa Naoki.

  1. I think it sounds interesting. So it has similarities with Hanzawa Naoki, so what? As long as the cast is good, as it appears to be, and the story is decent, it should be successful too.

    By the way, I want to say I enjoy reading your posts about the new dramas. Often one really doesn’t know what to expect. It is nice to have an overview. Thanks!

    • Yeah I think that this drama should be a hit too. Maybe it won’t reach the same kind of ratings Hanzawa Naoki did, but I’ve never decided to stick with a drama based on ratings…I mean who would.

      That’s okay I’m glad there’s someone out there reading this stuff haha.

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