End of Drama Season Blues.

Kirai na Tantei Last

I’m not sure if this is just something that I experience or maybe it’s something that other people who watch dramas share as well. I like to call it “end of drama season blues” and it would probably be best explained as the feelings of disappointment you get as a drama season comes to a close. It’s something that I’ve started to feel over the last year or so since I’ve been slowly getting more and more addicted to Japanese drama. This year’s winter season is drawing to its close over the next couple of weeks. In fact, there are a couple of series that have already ended this week. Watashi no Kirai na Tantei is actually one of them. I was really surprised when I watched the final episode this weekend and the words “final episode”(最終回) were written on the opening promotional parts.

I probably wouldn’t have been thrilled even if the series hadn’t ended abruptly but I do feel like the ending came pretty suddenly, at least for me. Maybe if I had actually researched a little better I would have known there would only be 8 episodes and it wouldn’t have been such a miniature-shock for me. The other thing that was interesting about Kirai na Tantei is the fact that the series didn’t have a huge lead up to the ending, it kind of just ended in the same manner that it started. Then again I think that’s the best kind of ending for that kind of drama anyway because it was so comical and un-serious in the first place. Now I think about it more, it also makes my job a lot easier because now I only have 4 episodes left to do rather than 6 or 7 with some kind of extended finale mixed in. But I’m still not counting out the possibility of a special or second season. I’d really like to see Tamaki and Goriki work together again at the very least because I felt they made a pretty good team.

Episode 4

So what else is ending soon? I watched Lost Days this morning and it was a pretty shocking episode, I’m probably going to do a short write up about it tomorrow. In the ending credits it said that the next episode would be the last one, too. I don’t feel like Lost Days has ended abruptly at all but that’s probably due the fact it’s being slowly building up to the final climax for every single episode since it started. I probably won’t feel disappointed but will miss watching it on the weekends a little. I think Fukuie Keibuho no Aisatsu should be ending pretty soon as well, not this week but probably the week after. I’m pretty excited to see what ends up happening to Fukuie in the end and I’d really also like to see that YouTube-only footage that I posted about yesterday.

Does anyone else have these kinds of feelings towards drama? I think a lot of people have these sort of experiences after finishing a really long novel or TV series. I suppose that it doesn’t only apply to drama. The unfortunate thing is that the more captivating a drama is the worse you feel after when you have to let it go. I also really hate the small gap between two seasons when there’s pretty much nothing at all to watch. I watch a lot of Japanese variety as well so that usually keeps me satisfied to some extent for a week or two but sometimes you really just want to watch drama. Maybe I should watch some older series when this season reaches its final point and I have some free time before Spring 2014 starts. Oh by the way Episode 4 of Kirai na Tantei should be out in the next couple of days so stay tuned for that if you’re waiting on it. Also please tell me about your end of season blues or any drama series recommendations in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “End of Drama Season Blues.

  1. Well, I tend to feel the same way, though my drama watching is out of sync, since I depend on subbers, whose speed is variable. Also, I am short on time, therefore I have trouble following more than 2 dramas per season. Sometimes I manage to squeeze a third. I have found that Kinkyu torishabe shitsu isn’t bad. I am of course downloading several others, including Watashi no Kirai and Fukuie Kiebuho. I will watch them as soon as the others are over!

    Last season my favorite was probably Danda Rin, and I found Saikou no Rikon very good, and extremely well acted.

  2. I am unhappy to know that only 2 episodes of Boku no ita Jikan are left, it’s going to be a sad ending, this is my favourite drama this season, I won’t be able to see Miura Haruma every week, lol, hope he stars in another drama soon, but maybe he needs a break, so I shouldn’t think selfishly.

  3. Watashi no Kirai na Tantei. I am sad to see that there are only 8 episodes. I find this to be a very funny comedy and I too love the way that Gouriki and Tamaki interact.

    I am looking forward to your last 5 subs for this.

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  5. I’m going to miss seeing the cast of Lost Days, even though I’m very interested in at last finding out the truth about what was happening. It’s the only show I’ve made a point of watching each week, because I didn’t want anyone spoiling the mystery for me. After it’s over, I can maybe catch up on the other shows I wanted to watch.

    For me, I don’t mind the end of a drama so much as I mind saying goodbye to a cast that I really like. When the dynamic is so good, as it is in Lost Days, you’re left with a desire to see all those actors work with each other again.

    • Yeah it’ll be a little bit sad to see Lost Days end but I guess its not really a shock. I’ll probably catch up on some other stuff in the gap too.

  6. My feelings are often ambiguous – I watch the drama, try to marathon it (if it is subbed, since my Japanese still sucks), and watch it to the very end as fast as possible, but when it ends I feel, in most cases, sad and I miss it. If I follow a show, which is subbed on regular basis, like week after week, I can’t wait for the next episode and pray that it is not over too soon. So yeah 🙂
    Well, of course, there are dramas I want to end as soon as possible, since I watch it only because of “loyalty” towards the actors, and some that I just drop or put on hold since I cannot deal with how boring or silly they become, but that’s a completely different story, right?

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