Drinking coffee makes your chest smaller.

Just some useless news. I’m kind of hungover and tired from last night and this caught my eye. According to the studies of a Professor at a Lund University in Sweden the more coffee women drink a day, the smaller their chest becomes. But what’s the cut off point? He took a group of 300 students and surveyed them about their coffee habits and then investigated it against their chest size. The startling result was that it seemed women who drank more than 3 coffees per day, compared to those that drank less than 3, had an overall chest shrinkage of 17%. The bigger chest the woman has originally, the higher the risk apparently is for this to happen. When investigating the coffee habits of women with small chests the Professor also found that over half of them liked coffee. Girls, if you like Japanese guys quit coffee completely. Why? They only care about breasts for some reason. I’ve talked about this with Japanese people before and it seems like they just do not care about asses all that much. Anyway, IJYOU today’s useless news.

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