All you can eat Burger King.

So Burger King in Japan is going to be running a campaign from the 8/30 to between 2pm and 11pm where you can have all you can eat Burger King for a limit of 30 minutes. The campaign is being opened to celebrate Burger King’s 2-year-anniversary in the Kansai-area in Japan, so the campaign is actually limited to 8 stores in the Kansai-area of Japan(Amemura etc.). How does it work? You buy at least a medium meal of the new GARLIC MEAT BEAST burger and then if you finish that you can have all you can eat after – but keep in mind that the 30-minute timer starts as soon as you order your first meal so you might wanna get that out of the way quick so you can enjoy your all you can eat. I kind of find 30 minutes to be a bit ridiculous especially considering it’d probably take any normal person 10 or 15 just to eat the first burger that you’re paying for. Oh yeah, cost – it costs 1500 yen to participate in this campaign. Not something I think I’d be into personally but if you’ve got the stomach for it please go and put Burger King Kansai out of business for me.

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