New E-girls song as theme for GTO.

There’s going to be a second season for the re-make of hit drama Great Teacher Onizuka, and it’s going to be airing from 8 July on Fuji TV. For the theme song the new track “Highschool ? love” by E-girls is going to be used. E-girls is actually planning a single-attack over the next few months, they’ll be releasing two new songs “E.G. Anthem ? WE ARE VENUS” and “Odoru Ponpokorin” as singles in July and August respectively. “Highschool ? love” will then be released in single form in September. The producer for the new GTO apparently thought the new song would fit right in with the drama when he heard it, saying that it really captured the theme of “high school kid problems”. Funnily enough, E-girls are actually employed by the same talent agency as AKIRA who is going to be playing the lead role of Onizuka(again) on this drama.

E-girls featured in a drama from a couple of seasons ago called “Koibumi Biyori” which wasn’t great but wasn’t awful either. They’re definitely a better fit for the music world though. One thing I don’t understand is why Japanese artists release the theme songs for dramas months after the drama has started airing. Wouldn’t you think sometime close to the first episode of the drama would be good? That’s usually when people most want to listen to the theme song or buy it, when they’re in the zone for that drama. Anyway, I’m really excited for the new season of GTO. The original(re-make) season was another drama that was airing when I first really got into studying Japanese so maybe watching will bring back some good memories.

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    • Yeah a girl I was working with said the same thing a week ago when we were talking about it. I’ll have to get around to watching it, you always recommend stuff that I end up liking.

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