English subtitles for Episode 1 of BORDER.


EDIT: You can read my impressions of Episode 1 here.

I’ve mentioned a lot of times before that I really enjoy watching dramas that Shun Oguri is in and one I really liked in particular was Rich Man Poor Woman from a couple of years ago. When I showed it to a friend the subtitles(in English) for it weren’t great so after that I’d always wanted to do an Oguri drama myself. I watched BORDER, the newest Oguri drama from this season, and I was really impressed by it so I decided to take it on and do the subtitles for it. I thought that somebody else would have subtitles done for it within 24 hours but they hadn’t so I’ve decided that I’m going to take this project on myself(the response to my taking it on is pending still though). Anyway keep reading for a link to the subtitles and more boiler plate.

Please don’t post these subtitles anywhere else on the internet without my permission. There was no room to even put branding in this episode really so at least do me that favour. You’re free to post links to my blog or translate the subtitles into another language without my permission. Look, to be honest I don’t even mind if you do post them somewhere for download as long as there is a link to my blog there somewhere and I get some sort of credit. I have the intention to keep subbing this drama until the final episode too so please look forward to more releases from me. Well, that’s about all there is to say so far. Please enjoy Episode 1 of BORDER. All my releases are going to be timed to Fransu’s rips.



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50 thoughts on “English subtitles for Episode 1 of BORDER.

  1. Hooooooray!!! Thank you for taking this up!!!! I am so happy, happy, happy!!!!
    gooooooood luck and have fun subbing it!

  2. Thank you so much for subbing BORDER. Really looking forward to this. Will you by any chance be timing these to any HDTV versions too when you get a chance? They are available on asiandirectdownload.

    • I’ll check those versions out this afternoon if I get some free time after I’m done working on other unrelated projects.

  3. Hi

    Thanks for the subs. IΒ΄m part of a fansub and I would like to use your subs for a spanish translation, can I?
    Of course you will be in the credits.

  4. hi, may I link back your post on LJcomm?
    I won’t repost the sub link, but just lead people to come to this site of yours ^^
    thanks a lot before πŸ˜€

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  6. this drama suprisingly good… really hooked with first episode…. thanks for translating

    and the rest episodes…. yoroshiku oegaishimasu

  7. Thank you so much for subbing this drama! I’m a big fan of Oguri Shun an loved Β«Rich man/poor womanΒ» a lot too! And Β«MaaaakinoΒ» . . . still unforgettable πŸ™‚

    • I can’t actually directly link to the content for the moment. I’m pretty sure it would violate AdSense’s terms and policies. I am strongly considering toning the ads down to a minimum but they will have a place in my future plans for this blog so I won’t be direct linking to downloads until I do more legal research about the issue. Sorry. If you google search for J-Drama City it should come up.

  8. Thank you for subbing this!!! Huge Oquri Shun fan here too, I just have to watch ALL of his Doramas hehe.
    Man I wish I could see how good of a rival MOZU is too, shame I cant get the sub because I dont have a blog (not a blog person).
    Anyway, Thanks again for subbing Ogurin.

    • Yeah I know someone is doing the subtitles for MOZU but they’re limiting the release to their Live Journal friends. I can actually understand how they feel after subbing a few more dramas. Lots of streaming sites rip our subs and upload them then profit off people viewing on their websites. It doesn’t feel great being used haha.

  9. Thank you for picking up Border! I thanked you already on D-addicts but decided to do it here too.

    I was thrilled to see your subs, especially so soon after it aired, so it was a fab surprise too. I’m really enjoying your work and the show too.

    I remember seeing a synopsis of a K-drama with a ghost seeing detective as well and thought, I’d love to see Japan do the same and then whoot, it actually happened this season. Thank you again for all your hard work.

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