Episode 1 of Kami No Tsuki was average at best.

Kami no Tsuki

Another drama started its run this week, this time on NHK. It’s called “Kami no Tsuki” /「紙の月」and it’s got a Tuesday 10pm time-slot on Japan’s NHK network. This one will only have 5 episodes in total, a bit like the drama LINK from last season. This drama was nowhere near as bad as Koibumi Biyori, which I talked about yesterday. The acting and plot seemed reasonably well thought-out. This drama also has typical, long 45 minute episodes. That being said it wasn’t extremely captivating either, just kind of average. More about the plot and why I wasn’t majorly impressed by it after the break.

The story follows a house-wife, Rika(played by Tomoyo Harada), who is still in her 30’s(just not quite 40 yet). She starts working part-time at a bank after her friend convinces her that she should get out of the house and get a job to put some spice back into her life. She ends up with the role of going to elderly people’s houses and collecting their deposits. Her husband says that he has no issues with her working but makes a lot of snide remarks about her job through-out the first episode saying things like “$800 a month is a lot of money for just hearing old people’s complaints” or “Let me sleep. I’m not a part-time like you, I have a lot to do tomorrow”(when she makes an attempt at being intimate with him). These daily remarks, and the fact that he will never seriously talk with her about having children, slowly starts to make Rika more than a little dissatisfied with him.

Kami no Tsuki

One day she goes to a customers house, with another male worker from the bank, to collect a deposit. The customer, who is an elderly male, asks the other bank worker to go make a transfer for him and while that’s happening he asks Rika to go make some tea. While she’s making the tea he tries to make a pass on her, inviting her out to eat with him in front of his dead wife’s photo(smooth). Unsurprisingly, she spurs his advances and goes back to the branch with the other worker. The Manager of the branch offers to change the person in charge of that customer but Rika says that it’s fine. She goes to his house again to collect another deposit a week or two later(I’m assuming) and he tries the same thing again but this time when she goes into the kitchen the old man’s grandson is there. After an awkward exchanging of greetings the old man tells his grandson to leave and says to Rika that he’s just a good-for-nothing dreamer and that all he talks about is wanting to make a movie.

Around this time things are getting worse and worse with Rika and her husband. One day one of the other part-timers at her work asks her if she’s ever thought of becoming full-time and tells her how to do it(studying for qualifications etc).  I think maybe her issues with her husband gave her a little extra push or something, but anyway she decides that she’s going to do it. You see kind of like a montage of sorts of her getting a book to study with and then later on she’s in the bank office again and has just been made officially full-time, with everyone really impressed how she passed the qualification exam on her first try. During all of this the old man’s grandson is pretty much stalking her but she doesn’t notice.


One day the grandson finally approaches her and asks her to be in a movie he’s making at university. She’s a bit taken aback and confused by the request but ends up accepting it. That’s where the first episode ends. At the start of the episode Rika’s friend who convinced her to look for work and another one of her classmates from when she was a school student are talking about her at a re-union. Chronologically this is actually way after the events of the first episode. It turns out that Rika stole a ridiculous amount of money from the bank she worked at and disappeared overseas and the old man’s grandson actually played a huge part in it.

Like I said up in the first paragraph this drama is not bad. It just kind of lacked excitement. I’d be willing to watch another episode or two and see if the story warms up a bit. The first episode was really just filled with petty husband/wife power games and I don’t find that very interesting. Watching these kinds of things actually just makes me never want to get married so I don’t have to end up like that. That aside, I think I’ll be positive about this one. I want to find out why she stole the money and what she’s going to do with it overseas. If you have your eye on this one give it a chance for a few episodes. If it doesn’t get interesting soon, drop it. That’s my recommendation for today. Thanks for reading.

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