Episode 1 of MOZU hits 13.3%, BORDER trailing with 9.7%.

It’s probably not such a big concern for people that are watching dramas outside of Japan, like me and most of the people that read my blog, but two new dramas from this season MOZU and BORDER are currently fighting for ratings in the 9pm timeslot on Thursday nights. Last week Episode 1 of both dramas aired and TBS blockbuster MOZU managed to hit 13.3% in ratings in Kantou with the new TV Asahi drama BORDER trailed behind at 9.7%. Both dramas were anticipated to be very popular weeks before their respective broadcasts began but neither has come off to great start with these figures – MOZU has however won the first battle in a long war that is going to span the next couple of months.

The disappointing ratings are probably due to viewers that would normally watch both dramas being torn to one side. We should all be thankful we live in a generation where TV can be so easily recorded and uploaded to the internet for viewing later, but because of this modern convenience ratings are probably slowly losing meaning. I’ve watched both of these dramas so far and I have to say they’re both excellently produced and feature great casting, I whole-heartedly recommend both of them. It should be interesting to see which comes out on top towards the end of Spring though.

Source: Oricon

6 thoughts on “Episode 1 of MOZU hits 13.3%, BORDER trailing with 9.7%.

  1. I think that there are a few less viewers each season, so unless you have a blockbuster like Kaisefu no Mita or Hanzawa Naoki, you have to be content with what used to be considered so-so ratings. Sometimes the popularity of the main player helps the ratings, like Matsujun and Kimutaku.

    I am so pleased that MOZU is successful. And I have found there is a subber for it. I will even forgive the presence of Teruyuki Kagawa. I am so tired of the guy! I have seen him in so many movies and dramas, and I just don’t like him. I recognize he is a good actor, but villains suit him best.

    I am a bit doubtful about Border, because the premise seems far fetched to me, but since you are subbing it and I really like Oguri Shun, I will definitely watch it.

    By coincidence I was reading an Italian mystery recently, where the police investigator can hear the voices of the dead people! He cannot converse with them, but what they say of course guides him to the perpetrator.

  2. I will watch both since I need to wait for the English subs the fact that they are broadcast at the same time does no affect me.

    But I like the premise of Mozu better. It was not until I watched Churasan that I knew that Okinawa was an American Protectorate until May 1, 1972!!! Almost 27 years after the end of WW II.

  3. Oops. I got Mozu mixed up with Unmei no Hito (2012) which I just started watching. Maki Yoko is in that one also. Oh well blame it on old age dementia after all I just turned 70. 🙂

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