Episode 1 of Miss Pilot hits 15.0%.


On Tuesday Episode 1 of the new Fuju TV J-Drama Miss Pilot(ミスパイロット) aired and the initial ratings for it actually weren’t too bad, it reached around 15%. 15% is obviously a far cry from dramas like Hanzawa Naoki that have topped 40% during their runs but it is still a lot better than how Pin to Kona faired towards the end of its run – not even making double digits. It’s a solid result. I haven’t watched Miss Pilot myself yet but from what I’ve read the drama is about a girl who is a pilot in training. Maki Horikata is playing the main role in it and it’s her first appearance in a drama for around a year, after she appeared

in NHK’s morning drama “Ume-chan Sensei” as a doctor character. Miss Pilot apparently, in a way, highlights the fact that there is a real shortage of female pilots in Japan. The ANA group, a Japanese flight company, is a good example of this as they currently employ around 2500 pilots of which only 20 or so are female. The main character of the drama Haru Tezuka desperately tries to follow her dream of becoming a pilot and the drama documents the many challenges that she meets in this process – some of which I assume heavily relate to gender issues. Apparently the costumes used in the drama are really authentic as well. They are identical to the uniforms that pilots-in-training wear during their time in the ANA group.

I’ll probably watch it sometime today or tomorrow when I get a minute. I’ll probably also write some impressions about the first episode if its really good or really awful. Anybody get around to watching this one yet? Go ahead a comment below and tell me what you thought of it. I don’t think anyones subbing this one yet so I’m guessing the amount of people who have seen it will be pretty low…

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