Episode 2 of BORDER English.


As promised here’s the subtitles for Episode 2 of BORDER. This didn’t actually take anywhere near as long as I thought it would to translate, this drama is much easier than Watashi no Kirai na Tantei but maybe that’s due to the reduced amount of dialogue. It’s like I’m Goku after coming back from gravity training. Anyway in this episode the spirit Detective Ishikawa can talk to is actually the killer which put a really interesting angle on the episode compared to last time…

Don’t post my subtitles anywhere without my permission. A day might come where they’re harder to get so at least be polite now. If you wanna link to my blog or re-translate my subtitles into another language you don’t need my permission, you’re free to do it. If time permits I might do another drama from this season too but it won’t be as serious as this, it’ll just be a when I get the time project with no guarantees. If there’s something you wanna see this season that you don’t think will get subbed write it down in the comments below and I’ll think about it. Right now Smoking Gun or Black President is looking good but I haven’t watched all of Shinigami-kun yet so we’ll see. More information about raws can be found in J-Drama City.

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45 thoughts on “Episode 2 of BORDER English.

  1. Wooww… thank you very much… I really really love this dorama… well I’m Shun Oguri Fan… 😀
    I really appreciate it!! Thank you so much… and… The sub… you released it very fast… once again.. thank you very much… 😀

  2. btw i really like Shinigami-kun but not sure if there anyone already announce for subbing it?
    if Shun as detective who can see ghost, Ohno is in charge of collecting dead soul lol

    • I just watched it last night and it was pretty good all in all. Ohno’s acting was really serious but it suited the role well. Maybe someone else will want to do it? The drama seems really popular with Japanese people. I should probably stick to something unpopular no one else is interested in touching.

      • thanks for the info.
        yeah seem shinigami is popular enough to get sub fast and it one of my favorite beside Border^^

  3. Thank you so much for subbing this series! I am really enjoying it so far. For some reason when I download the episode 2 subtitle it is saving as a .html webpage file. I am not too sure how to save this as a .ass to make the subtitle work? Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks! Elise

  4. Thank you for the ep02 subs. It was interesting to see how the basic premise of talking to dead people was done in ep01 although it seemed strange to me that the murdered people showed up as they were before the murders.

  5. I really looking forward for this drama. Thank you for subbing this and I enjoy reading your view about this drama 🙂

  6. Thank you very much for subbing episode two. As always, I’m grateful for all the effort and time spent making these subs a reality. I’m really enjoying this show and hope that everyone else is as well.

  7. thank you for the 2nd episode subs. 🙂 it’s really great you’re doing this. just remember not to overwork yourself! take it easy. have a great easter weekend!

  8. Thank you so much your subs are great quality and so fast. I’m loving this drama so much. I have a huge thing for seeing dead people dramas and this one is up there as one of the best I’ve seen and it’s only the 2nd episode.

  9. Thank you for subbing this drama, I am really enjoying it. If u are looking for another drama to maybe sub I was hoping to see “Smoking Gun”, but know one is subbing it yet. Thanks again 🙂

  10. actually after reading the synopsis, i thought this drama just meh. but try this because this drama has first subbed for this season and surprisingly it’s good. Maybe Oguri’s acting save the drama.

  11. This is a really cool detective series. The acting is laid back and not overacted as in some detective series this season [less head swipes and face to face bullying-I can’t stand that]
    I just hope the standard will be the same over the next episodes…

    Thank you once again for subbing this great series. Looking forward to episode 3

  12. Are you interest to translate MOZU… ep1 have longer conversation but its less later on,about 400 lines i guess. I’m dying to watch this. maybe its not light drama as you mentioned before .

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