Episode 3 of Boku no Ita Jikan.

Episode 3

Boku no Ita Jikan is probably one of my favourite dramas for this season along with Lost Days and SHARK. I know there have been a few other dramas in the past that have had main characters with serious illnesses but I have only seen a couple of them and they never spent much time telling the sick character’s story before they were struck with their illness. This week Boku no Ita Jikan hit Episode 3(it aired last night) and the story finally started getting unpleasant. And no, I don’t mean unpleasant in a “wow this is boring” sense I mean unpleasant as in “wow, this is heartbreaking”.

In Episode 2 Takuto finally noticed that something was wrong with his muscles when he was in the shower and had issues raising one of his hands. In Episode 3 he starts noticing that he’s losing strength in the same hand so he decides to go and get it checked out. The doctor says that it’s abnormal but because Takuto is young so there shouldn’t be too much to worry about and that he should come back in 3 months to get checked again – but if there were any new developments that he should come back straight away. His arm keeps getting worse so he goes back to the doctor and then gets recommended to go see a specialist and the specialist diagnoses Takuto with ALS(Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). He also explains the changes that Takuto’s body will undergo and its the same dialogue that was looping at the start of Episode 1: “Your muscles will get weak”, “you won’t be able to chew or talk”, “you’ll need something to help you breathe…”

Boku no Ita Jikan Episode 3

Takuto doesn’t actually tell anybody about his disease in this episode. People notice that he’s having trouble gripping things or that there’s something going on with his arm/legs but he says that he went to the doctor and they told him that it’d just be temporary so there’s nothing to worry about. He doesn’t even tell Megumi despite the fact they’re dating now. He does take her on a trip to an onsen though, which is pretty romantic. I think he’s just trying to do fun stuff with her before he completely loses the ability to move on his own. The senpai that he plays soccer with does start to notice that he’s acting kind of weird and also that he gets cramps frequently when playing soccer but he still hasn’t said anything yet(I’m almost 100% sure he’s caught onto the fact Takuto is hiding something).


His family is as clueless as ever, though. Takuto has issues trying to open a PET bottle at work one day and he gets really down about it. That night he gets a box of water bottles and starts trying to open all of them in the lounge room of the house and his little brother sees him doing it and thinks its weird but can’t put two and two together for some reason. Takuto also calls his Dad and asks him what the chances of making a misdiagnosis are and his Dad tells him it’s pretty much 0% in his own case. After being told this Takuto pretty much just says bye and hangs up. His Dad doesn’t realise that anything is amiss either.

Boku no Ita Jikan

This episode mostly just showed the battle Takuto was going through with himself. It seems like he wants to tell people that he’s sick but he doesn’t want to admit that he’s sick himself and maybe that he also doesn’t want to cause a fuss for everybody. He goes to the hospital where he was diagnosed one day and sees a patient with an artificial breathing mechanism installed(not sure what the proper name for these are) and gets really freaked out about it. I don’t blame him either, I would probably just rather die than live with a disease like that. In the preview for Episode 4 everyone is talking like they know about him having ALS, so I guess it’s all going to happen in the next episode. I can’t really say that I’m excited to watch his sickness get worse but I definitely won’t be missing it.

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  1. I am watching it..knowing its not that pleasant. But I guess its not gonna be such a cry fest either. Liking Miura’s acting much. Looking forward to the next episode and your review too.:)

    • I haven’t haha I just forgot to write about Episode 5, I’ll make sure I write about it this week when Episode 6 comes out. Thanks for reading.

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