Episode 7 of BORDER.

Wow, what an action packed episode. Things have only been going up-hill since Episode 5(at least in content) for this series. Episode 6 was pretty action-packed and so is Episode 7. This episode is called “Haiboku” which is Japanese for losing, and it’s usually used in the context of battle or a board game. I think knowing that most of you will realise that this episode doesn’t exactly have a happy ending for Detective Ishikawa or the victim. Anyway this episode didn’t have too much dialogue, there was too much action – it probably actually had the least amount of lines out of any episode so far for this series. Read on for a link to the .ass file.

You’re welcome to translate my subtitles into another language or link to my blog without my permission. You should know what you’re not welcome to do but the minority will probably keep doing it anyway. I still haven’t updated the last two episodes for this series onto the D-Addicts thread but it’s something that I will get around to, I’ve just been kind of busy lately with other hobbies and work. That’s pretty much all there is to say, I hope you’re enjoying this series. There’s probably about only two episodes or so to go so let’s hope they’re just as entertaining as this one.


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43 thoughts on “Episode 7 of BORDER.

  1. Thanks once again for your hard work!

    I had not been able to watch this drama [too many things going on], but I watched ep.1, and found it quite interesting. So I am really happy you are subbing this.

    • Typically 16.7% isn’t great but when you consider that this drama is on at the same time as MOZU it’s really, really good! People must be getting more interested in it.

  2. Hello MrJordau! First of all I would like to thank you for your work, thanks to you I can enjoy this drama that I was looking forward to watch in nearly real time.
    Then I would like to ask your permission to translate your subtitles in Italian, of course I’ll quote you in the credits!
    I could link the site where they will be released so you’d be able to directly check them!
    Let me know and thanks again!

    • Hey Chiara, feel free to use my subtitles as a base to do your work. You don’t need to send me a link to check them or anything, I trust you. If you have something else that you want to share though feel free to post it in the comments when you get time.

  3. Best thing is to wake up seeing you have so kindly created the subtitle for BORDER. You are the best. thank you so much

  4. Hey thanks so much for spending time subbing this. BORDER is unexpectedly a very good drama, better than the usual crime jdramas. I see that you’re subbing Watashi no Kirai na tantei. In your opinion, how does that compare to BORDER?

    Also thanks for subbing Glass no ie. I stopped watching it after the 1st ep, but I should prolly continue it, judging from your reviews. Thanks again.

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