I’m so excited for the new Legal High.

New Season Photo

I dunno how anyone is else is feeling about it, but I for one am extremely excited for the new season of Legal High. I did some research on it today and apparently it’s going to be broadcasting from next month on Japan’s TBS network on the Wednesday 10pm time slot. Masato Sakai and Yui Aragaki are going to be making appearances as main characters again there’s going to be a new lawyer on the scene too…

Masaki Okada is going to be playing the new role and his character is going be called Haruki Hanyu, an attorney who spent a lot of time overseas and has since returned to Japan. Apparently he’s going be having quite a few heated legal battles with Komikado-Sensei, but his way of doing things is very different to Komikado. Anyone who has seen the first season of Legal High knows that all Komikado-Sensei cares about is making sure that his client wins at all costs so he can receive his legal fees. Hanyu-Sensei isn’t like this, he will be a character that looks for compromises between his own client and the opposing client – so that both parties can end up happy.

Masaki Okada in Otomen

There is also a few sources saying that Hanyu-Sensei is going to have a pretty big crush on Mayazumi-Sensei. This should add another interesting element to the court battles between him and Komikado-Sensei, because I’m assuming Mayazumi-Sensei is still going to be working at Komikado’s office and assisting him with cases as a junior associate. It also makes me wonder if they’re trying to imply something with the promotional images they made for the new series(the one at the top of this post is one of these). While I can see how this could potentially add a pretty interesting new ingredient to the drama, I’m hoping that the writers haven’t got too caught up with love stories and stay true to the formula of the first season.

Komikado and Mayazumi

I don’t talk about myself much in this blog but my dream is actually to become a lawyer in Japan and I would say that this drama had a major impact on my studies of Japanese a year ago when it first started airing. It’s also an invaluable resources for learning legal terms in Japanese. I’m not sure how much demand there will be for subtitles but I’ve decided that I will be translating the subtitles for this series so if you’re looking forward to this series like me please keep checking my blog for updates. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I really can’t wait for this series to come out. I really hope they decide to do another special too.

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