Are your Facebook habits in check?

Not a lot of Japanese people I know use Facebook. Probably actually less than 20% or so do, and most of the ones that do are studying English or want to make foreign connections and that’s why they use it. When I ask the others who don’t use it why they don’t I’m usually met with “I don’t want to upload my face” or “I signed up for it but I’m not sure how to use it” kind of answers. So I was kind of surprised when I went on Amaebi this morning and found an article discussing bad Facebook manners on it.

The information from the article was sourced from a study that was originally undertaken on 2000 people living in England by Microsoft’s Bing Search-Engine Service. Over 25% of the people surveyed said that they wanted their Facebook friends to stop posting meaningless status updates over and over again. Taking photos of just yourself and uploading them regularly was also among some of the most hated Facebook actions. The study also found that most of the people regularly uploading photos of themselves were men, almost two times more than woman.


I’m really of the same opinion about this. I have a Facebook too, but I rarely make any status updates or upload photos of myself. I mean, every couple of months I will update my profile picture so it actually looks like what I do at the time but that’s really the limit of my Facebook endeavours these days. I mainly just use it so I get invited to stuff from friends or to chat to people rather than calling them or texting them. It’s very useful for that purpose. That being said, I pretty much immediately block people from my newsfeed as soon as they start getting annoying. If it’s someone I can’t afford to delete, I won’t but if it’s somebody that I have a really thin connection to I will just wipe them out immediately. It’s kind of like taking out the trash in a way.

But it’s kind of something that you can’t avoid in our Western Culture, right? People want to brag about getting a girlfriend, or upgrading their car or their latest holiday or…Look the list just goes on and on but one thing I did realise after reading the original article was that almost none of my Japanese Facebook friends post this kind of useless garbage. Most of them just use it as a diary in a way I suppose, to record what they’ve been up to lately or what they did over the last two weeks or how their job hunting is going. They also seem to post failures that they make as well, like “my job interview didn’t go well today, I better use this as a lesson for the next one!” kind of thing.

There are some things that I don’t really like about Japanese culture, clearly not enough to stop me from wanting to live there one day, but yes some. This is not one of those things. Of course I’m making a generalisation in saying this but I admire the fact that the majority of people in Japan do not feel the need to brag about their lives every minute of every day on some useless Social Network. There are definitely exceptions, and this view is only based on the limited boundaries of what happens on my Facebook, Skype and LINE but I feel that there is actually a solid correlation.

So how are your Facebook manners? Do you every participate in the circle-jerk of bragging about your achievements? Or upload new photos of yourself everyday like some kind of narcissist? Do you think I’m wrong about anything I’ve said? Oh and most importantly, how do you think bragging effects your actual ability to achieve a goal? Go ahead and answer any of these questions below if you’ve got something good to say.

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