Family Mart releases Monsters University Nikuman.

Mike and Sulley 1

So for those who don’t know Nikuman is, they’re a steamed bun with meat filling. They’re pretty popular in Japanese convenience stores. Why? because they’re extremely cheap and they taste good. Anyway Family Mart is going to be introducing Monsters University themed Mike and Sulley Nikuman, which will start selling from 8/13 in 9600 Family Mart convenience stores across Japan. They will cost 190 yen each including tax. Hit the jump for more pictures and some examples of other collaboration Nikuman sold in the past.

Here’s another two photos of the Mike and Sulley versions:
Sulley 1

Mike 1

Here’s on of a slime from Dragon Quest:

And here’s a Hatsune Miku version:

Hatsune Miku

Not sure how I really feel about the unnatural blue and green colors. I mean if they say it’s safe and they’re selling it I guess it’s safe? It’d be great if someone living in Japan could go try one and report back to me!w

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