Final Fantasy Retro Keychains.

FF Keychains Set 1
So Square Enix is releasing retro-style Final Fantasy keychains that feature all 29 different jobs(all the way from Onion Night to Chocobo) in pixel form. They’re going to be sold as a special limited-edition set called “FINAL FANTASY ALL THE BLAVEST METAL KEYCHAIN”. Am I the only one who thinks they might have made a classic Japenglish typo? The set is going to be released from the end of September for 11 571 yen including tax. You can also buy a single keychain by itself for 399 including yen. If you want to see pictures of all the classes(not just the first 10 I posted above) hit the jump!

 Final Fantasy Keychain Set 2

Final Fantasy Keychain Set 3

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